Spy Dies After Stopping Nearly 50 ISIS Terror Attacks


A heroic double agent who managed to infiltrate ISIS and foil nearly 50 terror attacks is credited with saving hundreds of lives.

Captain Harith al-Sudani posed as a jihadi, transporting bombs and is one of the country’s greatest spies. Instead of detonating the devices, however, the spy would give them to his team to disable and  then fake explosions and casualties.

Police even issued statements saying people had been killed or wounded to ensure ISIS leaders believed their attacks had worked.

During one of his last missions, where he was sent to a farmhouse north of Baghdad, the terrorists had bugged his car he never came out. An Iraqi officer was killed during a failed rescue mission. Captain al-Sudani is believed to have been executed.


Read more at NY POST.



    • was it the zionist sharks? or the Zionists birds? oh the Islamist got him. give it a week. it will be somehow tied to israel. and be Israel’s fault

    • Can you say how he deserves more honor than mccain?( an american war veteran. )what besides serving his time as a senator and voting according to his principles?

      oh I get it in your world every politician should vote according to the president. oh who needs democracy anyways. choo choo all a board the trumptocracy! (sarcasm)
      you want to live in a dictatorship move to North Korea.

      also all that stuff spread about mccains war record is fake just use google.
      but what’s your opinion of trump’s bone spurs? great patriot right?!

      • “Can you say how he deserves more honor than mccain?” Because this ISIS hero tried to save lives while mccain killed and maimed many lives. He’s anything but a hero.

        “also all that stuff spread about mccains war record is fake just use google.’
        You’re behind times. Didn’t you hear / read that google censors all real news and truths? Whatever you “know” is from fake news and propaganda including snopes which gets all its “facts” from fake news, which is why google hasn’t censored them.
        “trump’s bone spurs” just continue with fake news and make believe you know something.


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