Spotlight on Bibi Netanyahu’s Religious Daughter


Ben Kaspit, author of Netanyahu, A Biography, spoke to Yedi’ot Achronot of what his new book says about Noah Rot, the prime minister’s daughter from his first marriage who became frum in 2003 and lives in Meah Shearim.

Kaspit claims the prime minister’s contact with Noah lessened and almost ceased after the passing of Netanyahu’s mother, Tzilah. When Netanyahu became prime minister for the first time and reporters asked him why her photo wasn’t included among family portraits on his table, he replied, “It’s being framed.”

For a while, Netanyahu would secretly meet his daughter for half-an-hour or so in the back of a restaurant hidden from the street. Netanyahu and his wife Sara attended the bris of Noah’s first son but left before the seudah. The prime minister has nothing to do with his grandchildren.

When a daughter, Rochel, was born to Noah in 2016, Netanyahu tweeted an announcement of “our growing family,” but after two months, he still hadn’t visited his new granddaughter.

Netanyahu’s Knesset page said nothing about Noah’s existence until the discrepancy was pointed out by the press.

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  1. Nebach. It could be Bibi is feeling very guilty about his own lack of Yiddishkeit. The Yiddishe neshomo never stops wanting to become closer to the Borei Olam.
    Is Mrs. Rot’s mother still alive? Is she religious? Does she have any shiechus to her?

    • Bibi is what he was born as and even more. He likes the chareidim a lot more than anyone else in the knesset. He has great respect for daas. This seems to be more of a personal family matter that is honestly noones business. It could be the daughter doesnt want her kids to be around a non religious home too much. Often it also happens that children want their parents , like parents and not like prime ministers and ceremonies and the whole world knowing.
      For a chareidi mother to integrate completely into the chareidi world in eretz yisroel ; it is usually advised that her kids don’t have too much of exposure to her chiloni family; since it confuses them. That might be her reasoning!

  2. Don’t worry chevra
    Soon there will be so many chareidim in Israel that all the secular individuals will be proud to show off their children or grandchildren who became chareidim. I had this experience with a modern orthodox doctor who’s patience were mostly chareidim. I asked him about his kids as I knew him many years. He showed me a picture of his daughter hanging on his office wall and tells me she is going to medical school. I mentioned I have a son learning in israel and he opens his draw and pulls out a picture of his son with long beard and tells me his son is in the same yeshiva. I told him to hang up the picture on him a wall as most of his customers are chareidim. He sure did. I spent an hour at his office after closing telling him how lucky he is to have a son learning Torah in light of the fact he was sent to a very modern day school in elementery and high school. One day bi bi will come kissing the feet of the meah shearim residence as they are the backbone of his daughter that will help him in the afterlife as she is frum.


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