Specialty RX Steps Up to Sandy to Ensure an Uninterrupted Continuum of Care


medicineThe Perfect Pharmacy During the Perfect Storm: Specialty RX, a leading Long-Term Care Pharmacy owned by Mr. Chezkel Berkowitz and Mr. Joel Zupnick, was the only LTC pharmacy that operated full time, at full capacity, throughout the Tristate during the recent Hurricane despite the acute flooding in many areas.

Specialty RX’s storm operations involved the use of commercial generators, drivers stationed in South Jersey, Brooklyn and Long Island as far out as the Hamptons, and even the rental of 10 SUVs in order to reach everyone everywhere. To ensure pharmacists on call and 24-hour coverage, Specialty RX had staff sleep over at company headquarters from Sunday through Wednesday. With other area pharmacies unable to fill their orders due to flooding and power outages, Specialty RX stepped in and shouldered their deliveries for them.

When client facilities were forced to evacuate – Specialty RX made sure to follow all patients & resident to their temporary relocation, continuously servicing all their pharmaceutical needs. Specialty RX personnel even assisted in the evacuation process of three Rockaway facilities.

It was a remarkable team effort, with just about half of their 150 staff members showing up. Personnel from all departments pitched in to replace those unable to get to work, with Human Resources Managers packing meds on the floor to ensure uninterrupted delivery.

Herman Freilich, Director of Client Services, has since visited every one of Specialty RX’s clients to check that all patients’ needs are being met.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Kudos to specialty RX you guys are the best. we are so thankfull for your dedication and business ethic!!
    may you continue to have continued hatzlucha


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