Special Children’s Center: Vote For Mrs. Jenine Shwekey and the Center Can Win $25,000


special-childrens-center-jogathon-2011[VOTE LINK] Mrs. Jenine Shwekey, the founder of the Special Children’s Center, has been nominated as a ‘Jewish Community Hero’. By voting for Mrs. Shwekey, you can make her the winner of $25,000 for her cause, the Special Children’s Center. Until November 10, please vote every day.

The Special Children’s Center provides around the clock respite for over 200 families living with the challenge of raising their special children at home. From after school programs, Sunday respite, summer camp programs, case management and advocacy to Center house Shabbos and 24 hour respite programs our families know that they are never alone. The Center is truly a lifeline for those families in need.

And the Center needs your vote TODAY and EVERY DAY through November 10th to help continue without vital work.

To vote, CLICK HERE.

When a special child is born the entire family is affected. The special child, parents and siblings face enormous physical and emotional challenges. Thankfully, these families are not alone. Jenine created and built The Special Children’s Center, to be there for them every step of their arduous journey. Their needs are her needs; their pain is her pain. Their triumphs are her triumphs. And they know that The Center is their extended family-for life.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Please note you can vote daily. There are B”H many authentic causes and people among the nominees. It would be quite heartening to see such worthy people as Mrs. Shwekey comprising the finalists.


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