‘Spaceplane’ That Could Fly From NYC To London In 1 Hour Makes Breakthrough


A “spaceplane” that flies 25 times faster than the speed of sound has passed a testing milestone.

The hypersonic plane is so fast, it could jet from London to New York in less than 60 minutes and transport you from the UK to Australia in four hours.

Oxford-based Reaction Engines has been working with the European Space Agency and the UK Space Agency, along with BAE Systems, to make the powerful aircraft. The company ultimately aims to create a reusable vehicle that has the fuel efficiency of a jet engine with the power of a rocket.

Read more at NY POST.



  1. If a plane really flew into the Pentagon on Sep. 11th, what happened to wings, tires, and rest of the debris? The hole didn’t seem big enough to fit an entire plane thru.

    • No plane, no bodies, no luggage, no footage, no verifiable proof of passengers by name age or family. No damage to surrounding light plows grass or roadway. Pure fantasyland. NO plane HIT the Pentagon! Period!

    • what about this program made you suddenly decide to regurgitate some old conspiracy theory? I’m not saying you’re wrong, you very well might be on to something, but what shaychus here?

      • Because the plane pictured above looks more like a rocket and it’s alleged that it was a rocket that the US government fired into the Pentagon on Sep 11th. There was also an explosion on the inside of the Pentagon. Many secretive documents suddenly disappeared at that time as well. I’m not sure what President Trump is so scared of, to publicize what really happened at the Pentagon on Sep 11th.


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