Southern Residents Protest After Israel Reportedly Accepts Gaza Truce


Residents of southern Israel are protesting after media reports said Israel accepted an Egyptian-mediated ceasefire deal with Hamas amid a major flare-up of violence in and around the Palestinian territory.

Dozens gathered at the entrance to the city of Sderot, burning tires and blocking the road leading to the southern city.

Police say in a statement that officers are being dispatched to disperse the protesters.

Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. Protesters. are. right! No other country in the world would agree to a ceasefire with a country or organization that constantly attacks after declaring ceasefire after massive barrages of rockets and fire! It appears that Hamas is resting and ‘re-arming during their so-called “ceasefire”. Time to finish off the job once and for all! Residents of the South also have the right to live with some sense of normalcy!!!!

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