Source: Rav Chaim Never Said to Burn Phones


rav-chaim-kanievskyReports claiming that Maran Rav Chaim Kanievsky said that anyone who owns an Apple iPhone should burn it are false, a source close to Maran tells Israel.

A pronouncement was published on the front page of the Israeli Yated Neeman and other chareidi publications stated that Rav Chaim said it is forbidden to own an iPhone, comparing the device to weapons of war in its potential to cause harm.

“Rav Chaim never said phones should be burned,” said the source. “People put words in Maran’s mouth. Of course, he has supported the effort to warn people of the dangers of certain technological devices, including some types of phones. But beware of false statements, especially ones that are rash and headline-making, being reported in the name of Maran.”

In Eretz Yisroel, the effort to ensure that most chareidi community members have only “me’ushar” phones has seen great success, as most frum people have cell phones that have no Internet connection and cannot send or receive text messages.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. The iPhone is probably the best type of smartphone in terms of being able to block apps and use only a filtered browser.

    For information about filters etc. go to

  2. Another source of cynicism in our world. Nowadays when we hear something quoted in the name of a gadol, how can we be sure that what we’re hearing is the truth? It leads to people disregarding all reports, because they’re never sure what’s real.

    The people who are responsible need to do tshuva big-time.

  3. For people LOOKING to do aveiros, nothing will help (even not having a phone at all….) The level of protection available on an iPhone is somewhat better than an Android, but neither come close to the level of protection you can get on a Windows PC.

  4. androids are a much greater danger when it comes to these terrible things. i heard this direct from my cousin who knows the guy who makes them himself

  5. Yeah. Just like Rav Chaim gave his Haskama for the Mashiach gathering!!! I have a bridge to sell you! Of course Matzav MUST “cover up” this comment! No one should be exposed to the truth!

  6. TO #3 & everone else
    your absolutely right &
    when gedolims names & false stamped signature letters of their names are used randomly & all the time, then the respect for the gedolim go down R”L cause theres no way to trust anything today,…

  7. Cell phone radiation can chas v’shalom cause harmful side effects. It makes sense to limit the use of cell phones where and when possible, especially smart phones that have even more radiation given off.

  8. On the other hand, I for one hope to finally afford an Iphone and the indignantly overpriced cheap digital plan so I can continue to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  9. An iPhone may ber the best to filter but It is also the easiest to reset the filter on. So unless you are checking regularly it coupled net unfiltered. Also just google and they tell you how to find out ether code

  10. Don’t believe anything you hear about what gedolim said unless you hear it directly from that gadol. People are mamesh making up stories and have been doing that for the longest time. SOme do it to promote an agenda, but some do it just because…


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