Source: Obama May Cut Direct Ties With Netanyahu and Make Kerry Sole Liaison


obama-netanyahu1By C. Coffey

President Obama is considering cutting all ties with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s YNet News reported on Friday. According to a source cited by the paper, the White House “is contemplating lowering its ties with Israel and putting Kerry as the sole liaison between the two states, as opposed to the open line Netanyahu now enjoys with Obama.”

“The president is pragmatic, if he were to think there was some gain to be made from talking directly with Netanyahu he would do so, but he just prefers not to waste his time,” the White House source said

The report culminates weeks of mounting anger by the White House towards Netanyahu. Administration officials were very critical of Netanyahu’s historic speech earlier this month before a joint session of Congress on the Iranian nuclear threat, and there was even speculation that the White House was attempting to unseat the Israeli Prime Minister.

Following Netanyahu’s landslide electoral victory this week, it appeared as though the tension with the White House might dissipate. The White House took a conciliatory tone on the day of the win, and a Netanyahu loyalist made it clear that the new government would seek to renew trust with the United States.

The peace was short-lived.

The White House quickly resumed hostilities towards Netanyahu in the days following the election. A White House official avoided congratulating the Israeli Prime Minister the day after the win. The White House also directly criticized Netanyahu’s Election Day comments about Arab voter turnout, calling them “cynical.” Then there were several reports that the White House was reconsidering its pro-Israel stance at the United Nations because of Netanyahu’s rescinding of support for Palestinian statehood at this time.

Netanyahu, seemingly in response to the mounting White House hostility, abandoned his pre-election opposition to a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, seeking again to renew the US-Israel relationship. The White House rejected this overture, and said that it was “re-evaluating” its thinking about relations with Israel.

The tension continued yesterday during a telephone call between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister. According to the AP,Obama told Netanyahu that the US was indeed reassessing its thinking about the peace process. He also also raised the issue of Netanyahu’s “anti-Arab rhetoric” during the election.

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  1. We could only hope, dream, and pray that the great Obama cuts off ties with Netanyahu and everyone else, especially his Jewish Democratic financiers

  2. It would be commendable if our orthodox organizations could work, behind the scenes, to try to engage in dialogue to control the rift which has been flowing from the White House against Israel.

    Also perhaps the Gedolim at the Moetzes can advise on this issue, behind the scenes, and subsequently present a solution to this problem.

    Although Rosh Chodesh Nissan has unfortunately shown a Makah, with the tragedy in Flatbush etc., We hope that the Refuuah will speedily follow.

  3. When your best friend abandons you, let him go… the US President fits the Medrash… Vayikra Rabba 1:15 which states when (adjustment for Torah Observant) a leader doesnt act respectfully, then a dead carcass is better than him.

    It goes on to say a dead carcass emits an offensive odor which cause people to avoid contact. However, when a leader behaves poorly he does not ward off people. to the contrary, because of his position he attracts people and those people will begin to emulate him, to act improperly thus becoming contaminated. He (they) are therefore, worse than a dead carcass.

    This is who the world politicians have become in following the likes of Obama… worse than a dead carcass.

  4. Barry is a lame duck President who is out of here next year. The less Israel has to do with him as he seeks his “legacy”, the better off everyone will be. The best strategy is to just say yes yes yes when he speaks, and then just totally ignore him. At this point, Barry is truly powerless as far as Israel is concerned.

  5. Obama acted this way to Netanyahu the whole time very aggressive.

    When he says America has Israel’s back, he really means I will stab you in the back

  6. We can see how quickly obama can turn and not cover his prior commitments. Can Israel trust him to help them even if they gave into all obama’s demands? Can’t trust him with a 10 foot pole. His promises are worthless. Think about how he treated Mubarak. McCain Is right. Orweillian

  7. It’s a shame Nitanyahu doesn’t play golf or they would have something in common. The Arab lover got a good slap in the face and just can’t get over it. Time to go to Martha’s vinyard, you sore loser.

  8. obama is just a big bully, and if you do not agree with him he beats you up
    he is not a very nice man
    but he does not care
    he WILL leave a wonderful legacy of being the worst president EVER

  9. America has not in its whole history, had a president so contentious, and so vindictive. The more the will of the people, be it in his own country, or in other sovereignties, speaks out clearly against him, the more he digs in and uses any which means, to bully them, and to try to maneuver his opponents into a position from which opposing him will be able to be painted as “obstructionist, racist,elitist,divisive, etc. He is an evil genius at creating victory out of defeat in this way. He did this with the Republican win on Congress and he is doing it now with Netanyahu’s win in Israel. He knows no shame. Only bullying bullying and more bullying. Why isn’t the world totally disgusted by his behavior?


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