Source: Murderer “Doesn’t Know Why He Did It”


levi-aron1The discovery of Leiby Kletzky’s body early this morning capped a frantic two-day search for the child. The boy’s body parts, r”l, were in the refrigerator of 35-year-old Levi Aron, who lives in a third-floor attic apartment on E. Second St. in Kensington.

As we’ve reported here on, other pieces of the boy’s body, r”l, were found in a suitcase wrapped in a black plastic garbage bag in a dumpster on 20th St. in Greenwood Heights, between Fourth and Fifth Aves.

Levi Aron was taken into custody at 2:40 a.m. at his apartment. He made statements implicating himself in Leiby’s death.

“He has no excuse,” a source said. “He doesn’t know why he did it,” reported the Daily News.

The source said the killer used a knife to cut up Leiby. Hashem yeracheim.

There is still no indication Leiby knew the suspect previously.

More than a dozen NYPD detectives swarmed the scene outside the Park Slope Auto Center at 651 Fourth Ave. where the suitcase containing some of Leiby’s remains were discovered. Sources said the body parts were found after police checked the large gray trash container, which had its lid open.

“Everyone is just beside themselves,” Assemblyman Dov Hikind said. “This is a community that is one of the safest in New York. The way he was brutally murdered, it’s just an absolute horror. If you have kids it’s got to make you wonder. It’s just horrific.”

Rep. Jerrold Nadler, whose district encompasses Borough Park, said the heinous slaughter of the innocent boy left him “speechless and shocked.”

“As a father and a human being, I am deeply saddened that so innocent a soul could be so cruelly taken,” Nadler said.

Yaakov Daskal, coordinator of the Borough Park Shomrim patrol, said he is familiar with the suspect.

“He’s a loner,” Daskal said. “He lives with his parents.”

The suspect works at the Empire Supply hardware store at 639 McDonald Ave. in Kensington, the owner of the business confirmed. The suspect was at work on Tuesday, coworkers said.

One colleague, who requested anonymity, described the suspect as temperamental, but a hard worker.

“I tell you one thing, if I known this yesterday I would have killed him myself – without a care,” said the colleague, who participated in the around-the-clock search for Leiby.

The colleague said the suspect came to Brooklyn from Tennessee after getting divorced. He said the suspect appeared to be sick when he showed up to work Tuesday.

“He’s a funny guy,” the colleague said. “We knew something was wrong with him but he worked very well. He would flip out sometimes. If you really got him good, he would flip out and you’d be asking ‘What happened? We were just joking around.'”

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  1. In general the Orthodox “Frum” Community needs to be more sophisticated in understanding Mental Illness. This guy wasn’t “flipping” out as he is so simplistically being described. He was ill. HHad those around him been a little smarter and sophisticated in understanding what he was exeriencing – obviously some kind of Mental Illness perhaps he could have gotten the proper help and tragedy could have been averted.

  2. did we hear anything from aaron’s parents yet? where r they and what do they have to say about their son’s brutal act of violence?

  3. I hate to open a can of worms.

    But people dont understand.
    Just like a person when he does something good he gets an added Neshama to help him.

    So too someone who sins in this are become the Kli to Mekabel the souls of worst Reshaim in History and is capable to the worst evil.

    Anybody who knows – Knows that this man had to be an Addict of the Worst Taiva.


    If you Beleive you can Damge Believe Believe you Can fix. is a great place to start.

  4. It’s not Shaich that he’s Mezera Avraham! Do some research. You’ll probably find out, somewhere along the chain, this RASHA MERUSHA is not Jewish!

  5. The pure Neshomah of a young little boy has shaken up most of us even more then the passing of the 4 Gedolim in the past 2 weeks r”l

    He must have been a Godol too, maybe even greater then few Tzadikim combined (who knows), perhaps he came to this world to shake us up in order to get us to do Teshuva.

    His parents must be very special people to be Zocha to to bring a great Tzadik like him into this world and have him effect most of Am Yisroel in a possitive way getting us to do some real deep thinking, like: where R we heading to in life…

    “There is not a single Yid in the entire world who is not heart broken over this tragedy”

    Unfortunately we are all experiencing great difficulties, but as Klall Yisroel as one, we have to get together and try changing our habits, lets try living a life style that will make Hashem happy and proud of us (not just keeping us in mind) etc. lets remember Hashem during our every day dealings, lets ask our Gedolim what is Hashem asking from us?

    May we all be Zocha to greet Moshiach TODAY !!! Hashem, we want Moshiach and the Bais HaMikdosh because YOU Hashem are in great pain.

  6. We have to start protecting our children from other molestors. It does happen in our community but we protect the molestors and leave our innocent children unprotected.

  7. As difficult as this is to say this out loud, we must reconsider the wisdom of bringing the gantze oilam into this event yesterday. As much as everyone wanted to help, it could be their involvement (not the davening of course) had the opposite effect.

    The killer was, as might have been speculated from the outset, unstable. He appears to have killed the child out of panic – knowing that everyone was out looking for him.

    He was caught because the cops did their job – as they usually do – finding surveilance videos and tracing the steps of the suspect to his dentist, then to his apartment where he was arrested. All that work could have and would have been done without the entire frum world engaging in a manhunt and going on television.

    I told myself yesterday after seeing the news that if he hasn’t killed the boy yet, he now would. What was his option? If he turned in the child, or even let him loose, he would surely get caught and go to prison; but if he killed him, he might get away with it. It’s horrible. It’s shocking. But it is logical, especially when a person is unstable.

    At the end of the day we must accept Hashem’s omnicient will. “Malach hamaves mah li hacha umah li hasam.”

    But if, G-d forbid, my child ever disappeared in a manner that suggested kidnapping, I would want the cops to be looking in an environment that was as quiet as possible.

  8. I am not excusing this horrific crime by any stretch, but

    “If you really got him good, he would flip out and you’d be asking ‘What happened? We were just joking around.’””

    KNOWING you’re trying to get someone’s goat, and then pretending not to understand when they have had it, is called BULLYING…

  9. #12: I agree with you. Leiby’s story shook us up more than the death of 3 gedolim. Although the levayos of the gedolim were tremendous, I think it’s also the vulnerability of parents who feel we have no place to turn.
    We can’t trust anyone (not that we ever could but even more so now) and that is why we were all shaken up.
    Every parent should give their children an extra hug tonight and thank Hashem when they walk in the door!

  10. Yes, we should all be mekable something, and ask our gedolim what that should be, however, if it is something we are not ready to do, such as tznius, we simply won’t. It’s clear that when tznius is lacking in a community the shechinah turns away from us.
    But are we ready to hear??

  11. Comparing the natural deaths of elderly men is insulting to Leiby who suffered a death of the worst kind. Natural deaths are not tragic. Brutal murder is.

  12. There was no reason for him to kill the boy just because many people were looking for him. He could just have said that he was trying to find out from the boy where he needed to go and it took time.

    Some misguided people say the toeiva issue doesn’t affect us. I believe that this Rasha was a toeiva freak and must have tried something and killed the child to shut him up.

    Hashem should protect us and all of Klal Yisroel from such tzoros.

  13. #15 has a very good point. Obviously this guy snapped. But why? If he was being bullied at work and didn’t dare quit his job, and was mentally unstable to begin with, this might have been what pushed him over the edge.

    Bullying someone is inflicting pain for the sheer enjoyment of the feeling of power it gives. It’s an aveirah in itself – ona’as d’varim. And it can cause damage far beyond what we can imagine while we’re doing it.

  14. Whoever defends evil -IS EVIL ! The POS should be tortured slowly for years then destroyed – and all that help him AS WELL !

  15. I totally disagree with you, #14. How were we supposed to know that this idiot is having a panic attack? How do you know that this evil monster wouldn’t have killed him anyway? He would then have a different excuse why he did it! Who knows if we would ever be able to track him down so quickly if not for all the involvement of the community. Please stop critcizing the people that did the right thing. Don’t forget that it was the will of Hashem that it should end this way.

  16. Leave him alone. He is not with it. He is mentally sick. BTW, he is not the only one mentally sick. A true Bais Din would not put him to death.

  17. #12. You are so right!
    As for the punishment he should get, chain him to a tree in the lion’s den at the Bronx Zoo & let nature do the rest.

    Are there any Dr.s here who can explain medically how it is possible for one who is technically normal to panic and do such a thing? Is this guy a schizophrenic?

  19. So how should a child react? Never go in a car with someone you don’t know. Don’t believe that your father or mother sent him to pick you up. If someone grabs you scream and be as loud as you can. If he pulls a gun or a knife. Don’t go with him, run you are safer. If he grabs you, make sure to scratch and bite and draw blood. This will make sure you get his DNA on you. Once you have done that he may let you go, so he doesn’t get caught. If you have any other points that I have missed, please let me know.

  20. Everyone should watch the two minute surveillance video which shows Leiby waiting on the street corner. He then dutifully follows Levi Aron.

    All the clues are there.

    There can only be one of two possible explanations.

    From the body language it is clear that they knew each other and had formed some sort of relationship.

    (1) If his family knew Levi Aron then did they know about these meetings ?

    If they did what did they know about the nature of the meetings ?

    (2) If his family didn’t know about the meetings why didn’t they ?

    It looks like Leiby was a lost little boy. His demeanour was too “open”. A child raised properly knows how to create defences around himself/herself even in the most basic of fashion, i.e. avoidance. In the video he clearly went to the corner to wait for Levi Aron.

    What was the nature of the meetings ?

    If it was something far more sinister than stamp collecting then from Leiby’s demeanour such meetings had been going on for awhile. Both their actions are way too automatic.

    How did Leiby become like this and what led him to be in this situation in the first place ?

    Perpetrators can pick certain vulnerabilities and states of openness in potential victims and exploit them. I doubt that Aron Levi was just mentoring Leiby. Too much furtiveness in their movements.

    All acts of violence can be deconstructed. I am not in any way shape or form ignoring the complete evil that occurred over the past three days.

    I would like to sit in a room with his father and Levi Aron and ask them a few questions.

    The problem with crimes like these is that it blows up the community and freaks people out. Some mothers and fathers then overcompensate and a siege mentality sets in. People are frightened to wander the streets when the true chance of assault or abduction hasn’t changed. There is a balance between allowing one’s children the freedom to develop some autonomy by walking to school, friends etc,. and wrapping them in cotton wool to live a cloistered, sheltered existence. It is going to be a stuffed up world if kids can’t kick a ball around the street sometimes. There is far more violence done in the secrecy of homes than in public spaces.

    What should be happening with everyone is some introspection. Any parents out there who have left their children too “open” had better work out very fast how to redeem the situation. Unfortunately like the Katsav case it takes some evil to knock a group back into reality. For Leiby Kresky to be a sacrifice on the community altar so that they would improve their behaviour is disgusting. G-d is now watching very closely how people are going to deal with this. The groupthink better change for the better.

    Didn’t anyone in the community notice these liaisons? Why was everyone so wilfully blind ? Is everyone just rushing around these days surviving and threats to purity, innocence and freedom are ignored ?

    There’s a lot of sadness here, but I hope to G-d some people are getting angry about what has happened. Anger is a powerful energy if used well.

    Prayers for Leiby.

  21. Adam Neira-
    Maybe we are missing the events before that two minute video. Possible scenario- Guy is driving to the dentist office and sees Leiby walking home. Somehow he convinces him to get in the car (maybe he’s lost and/or offering a ride or otherwise). Then he drives with him to eighteenth and for some reason instead of having him wait in the car (too suspicious?) has him wait on the sidewalk while he goes into the dentist office. When he comes out Leiby simply gets BACK into the car with him. Hashem Yerachem.

  22. #36:
    The surveillance video we see is, according to the police, after Leiby asked him for directions. The murderer apparently told Leiby to wait for him on the street corner while he went to pay the bill. That is why, in the video, it looks like they already know each other.

    This does not mean that there was a previous relationship prior to that horrible day.

    It is obviously possible that Leiby looked lost and that the murderer was a predator and honed in on him, approaching him and asking him if he was lost and if he needs help. As you said, predators and pedophiles do have a sixth sense about whom they should approach.

  23. This terrible act cannot be writen off by the intellectual elites of the loony left. No matter what, we are not animals, we have reason and conscience, we have ethics and morals. Our base urges can be contained unless like the Moslems we have been brainwashed from birth with a completely erroneous world view. But we are Jews who love life while the Moslem loves death. The perpetrator of this henous crime cannot expect any mercy from his ‘fellow’ Jews. There is no excuse. May his soul rot in hell for all eternity.

  24. The truth is that we don’t know
    but probably this guy is a psychopath
    who for all other purposes behaves like a normal human being.
    He works, he davens, etc
    Even he is not a pedophile, there exists other psychopathic issues that can cause a person to think that he has to kill another human being.
    That is why his colleagues at work knew that he was different but not completely crazy…
    He probably needs to be incarcerated in a secure mental unit…
    May HKBH give us all a nechomo…

  25. Concerning the murderer, he was obviously a misfit. He had deep, deep anger within him. What was the cause of the anger? Perhaps if we would reach out to the misfits and lonely people amongst us, their inherent anger would never reach that level. How many of us ever invite a lonely person for a Shabbos meal? Do we just go about our lives with our own circle of friends and family and ignore the lonely? That is so, so painful. Perhaps Hashem would like us to reach out to lonely people and make them feel that they are worthwhile. Each of us knows at least one lonely person in our shul. How about befriending that person? Undoubtedly that person would not become a murderer if he wasn’t befriended, but he would certainly feel more worthwhile and less full of pain. Let’s try to ease the pain of Klal Yisroel. That is what Hashem wants us to do.

  26. I saw someone write, “Hashem yinkom domo”.( Is that all he has to say?) while I certainly understand your sentiments, it may still be inappropriate, Nekama is from me to the ‘other’.

    But is justice obligated on Jews? Certainly! Perhaps it would be more correct to say “Hashem YISHPOT domo”.

    In any case many people on this board end up ( that’s a given) playing detective or psychologist and make statements that require a sheilas chochom. ( Why are we busy with him anyway?)

    But the tzar of Leiby and his family?! NO PLACE FOR SHEILOS, NO SHEILOS NO SHEILOS .. OUT OF SHEILOS BOUNDS NO SHEILOS … JUST TZAR TZAR TZAR.. We are missing something collectively…what are we missing personally…

    Enough, enough enough sinas chinaom enough of other no-good stuff bila hamoves lonetzech … u’mocho Hashem Elokim dimah mai al kol ponim


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