Soros: Euro Collapse Could Spark Global Depression


sorosBillionaire investor George Soros said a collapse of the euro may spark a global financial crisis in a “new Great Depression,” L’Hebdo magazine reported, citing an interview.

“It seems to me that one still doesn’t understand what would happen if the euro collapsed,” Soros told the Swiss magazine in an e-mailed pre-release of tomorrow’s edition. “It would lead to a banking crisis that would be totally out of control.”

He also said Europe’s future hinges on Germany, which should “dictate its solution” to the region.

{Bloomberg News/ Newscenter}


  1. Immediately when the S&P released their bearishness on the economy, the liberals were tripping over each other calling for hearings on the S&P. Do you think they will investigate Soros for his bearishness? Yehhhhhh rrriiiiggggghhht!

  2. Get worried, people. This is the guy who made a mint betting against the Bank of England, which everyone thought was “too big to fail.” He didn’t get that rich by playing slot machines. If he’s worried, we all should be. My parents lived through the Depression, and I’ve heard all the stories that you would rather not hear.

    And #2 – like it or not, Mr. Soros is still a Jew. Comparing him to Hitler yemach shmo is beyond the fringe of acceptability. Let’s keep the rhetoric within the bounds that our parents’ generation would have found all right. If you’re not a radio talk-show host, and you’re Jewish, express your dislike with a civilized comparison.

  3. #4Old Timer
    #1 he was a kapo during the war
    #2 in a recent interview Quote ‘ he massered on his fellow jews”
    #3 do you sit next to him in Shul? that you want to be Dan L’caf Zchus
    #4 your right, i should’nt compare him to Adolph , so maybe Louie Farakan

  4. Mayim – do you know what a capo was? A capo was a concentration camp prisoner who was put in a position of authority over other prisoners. Soros was never in a camp and never betrayed others to the Nazis. The accusation is that he made a list of properties owned by deported Jews. This is nothing like being a capo. Please look up your history and at least let your name-calling be accurate. I had friends who were in Auschwitz. They could hoave told you just exactly what a capo was.

  5. And as for the accusation – that is exactly what it is – an accusation. There is a lot of debate over what actually happened by people who are pro- and anti-Soros. With today’s climate of attack journalism, it’s hard to figure out what exactly the truth is. Emotion and political usefulness have taken over journalism almost entirely.

  6. Everyone else has already lost their fortunes if they ever had them to begin with. Let this guy feel the pain (which he has also helped cause by the way). The rest of us don’t have much else to lose at this point anyway (at least in gashmiyus).

  7. This depression is inevitable, because no one is paying back what they owe. Usury doesn’t work in the long term.

    People should have bought gold 2 or 3 years ago when it was cheap. Now its too late.

  8. It would be preferable to buy gold 4 years ago, but I believe it’s far from too late. It will go much much higher. When you see the NY Times saying to buy gold, then you’ll know it’s time to sell.


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