Some Urging Ban of El Al


chareidimAfter failing to reach a deal with El Al that would see the company operating separate flights for the chareidi sector, there are some who are now calling on the chareidi public not to fly with El Al at all, and prefer foreign airlines instead, according to a report in Yediot Achronot. Ahead of Pesach, the rabbinic committee on transportation has published a statement urging the public to fly only with airlines that offer movie-free flights, or flights with designated areas that are movie-free. They also included a list of the recommended airlines, and specified which of them also applies a modest dress code for its crew.

Rabbi Yitzchak Goldknopf, who is taking part in the efforts to introduce “kosher flights,” told Yediot Achronot that negotiations with El Al were ongoing, and expressed hope that an agreement will be struck soon.

Although on El Al’s major flights every passenger can turn off his personal TV screen, and on some of the other flights the company operates a “movie-free” zone, there are those who have have ordered their followers to refrain from flying with the Israeli airline.

El Al said, according to Yediot Achronot,  that “there have been no negotiations regarding designated flights for chareidim only. There was an attempt by one travel agent to fill an entire flight with chareidi passengers, but it fell through.

“Had he succeeded, El Al might have been willing to look into the possibility of making certain adjustments, as it does when an organized group occupies a whole airplane.”

{Yair Israel}


  1. There are other people in the world besides us. El-Al is a reglar money making goyish airlines. We cannot say they are jew hating and all that. Why should they go out of their way for our religion. Those who choose to fly, they should be gezunt. Those who want to refrain, they should also be gezunt. It is like flying on jet blue! We think we run the world.

  2. On a foreign airline, it is hard to daven Amida while standing. It is even harder to get a minyan going. I don’t think I need to give up proper tefilah just to protest their chilul shabbos. Regarding tnius or movies etc., i don’t think the matzav is any better on foreign airlines

  3. Let them travel on goyish airlines and see how many movies are canceled and how well they are
    treated. Who are they to push everyone else around -shut off the movie if you don’t like it.

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