Some Questions for BDS Campaigners


boycott-divestment-and-sanctions-israelOn Feb. 6, a “Solidarity Conference in support of the people of Palestine, Cuba and Western Sahara” took place at the South African Parliament. Vivienne Myburgh, an activist Christian Zionist, was shocked to find that the declaration under consideration was all about BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions), and that nobody had been invited to make the case for Israel. So, when the chair briefly opened a window of opportunity for comments from the public gallery, Vivienne promptly jumped in.

“Will BDS also consider a BDS campaign against Lebanon, where apartheid laws legally ban Palestinians from owning property and working in most professions?” she asked.

“Will BDS consider a campaign against Kuwait, which expelled a quarter of a million Palestinians?

“Will BDS consider sanctions against a potential future Palestinian state if they practice apartheid, as Mahmoud Abbas has stated: ‘I would not agree…that there will live among us even a single Israeli on Palestinian land.’

“What alternatives are BDS offering the 15,000 Palestinians employed in the…West Bank who are presently employed by Israeli companies?”

Read more at South African Jewish Report.

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  1. There is no connection of the BDS group and human liberty. This is the most insane convoluted hope of the mostly insane violent and lost minds of human attrition. A good day for these mockers of human development might be a good day in the gruel of human inspection against time’s consideration. This group has only its own seething lost world to consume its own death and destructive pride. A worthless being without a soul.


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