Some GOPers Compare Ocasio-Cortez To Trump


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the self-described democratic socialist whose sharp tongue, take-no-prisoners approach and 24/7 presence on social media and TV has Republicans on and off Capitol Hill comparing the 29-year-old freshman phenom to the 72-year-old president of the United States.

Talk-show host Meghan McCain called Trump and Ocasio-Cortez “two sides of the same coin” and said the liberal, Latina bomb thrower from the Bronx was “just like Trump on Twitter.”

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) said he, too, sees obvious parallels between DJT and AOC.

“Whether it’s President Trump or AOC, it’s all based on ginning up anger and fear and it’s unfortunate,” said Kinzinger, a frequent cable-news presence who has a relatively paltry 46,500 Twitter followers compared to Ocasio-Cortez’s 2.6 million, told The Hill.

“And I think it’s that kind of stuff that’s killing our ability to get done things like solve the government shutdown. … If you look at Twitter, not everyone is on Twitter, but all the loudest voices are,” he said.

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  1. only a moron would compare an ignorant moronic 29 year old bartender to our prez, perhaps the most effective prez ever let alone what he accomplished before entering politics!!

  2. Fake news.
    Meghan McShame, daughter of the late John McShame, is no proof of anything. Cortez is a dimwit with the intelligence level of a door knob. President Trump is a brilliant man who has had a very successful life and reached the level of POTUS without being coronated by the media, the way the Kenyan was. The comparison of the two is absurd, not worthy of a discussion. Fake news.

  3. Love it. There is too much for the lazy public to find today. A good future just any twit with a keyboard. Its great.

    Are we coin in for any commentary between the two? You bet. There is nothing interesting anymore and the movies are dead.

  4. While Ocassional-Cortez will be out of office in a few weeks – at the latest, President Trump will stay on as President of the US and continue as Rosh Hakahal of the world with Mashiach’s coming very soon be’ez”H.

  5. Hakoras hatov toward President Trump is entirely reasonable for the unabashed support he has shown Israel and our community, in marked contrast to former president Obama. I fully agree with it and am happy that he, rather than Hillary, won the 2016 election.
    This fawning over every statement he makes and every tweet he issues, and proclaiming him as a ba’al middos is what I don’t get. Honestly, with his lack of a filter and insatiable ba’al taivah appetite, he reminds me more of King Achashveirosh than anyone else.

  6. How embarrassing to compare our President with such a baby stupid immoral nut job
    What has she ever accomplished yet? Just a big mouth


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