Soldiers Attacked By Mob After Entering Jenin, One Injured


A male and female soldier were lightly injured by a mob of terrorists, after their military Jeep was pelted with stones.

The two soldiers had accidentally entered Jenin when they were attacked. The mob also managed to snatch a rifle belonging to the soldiers. The soldiers were safely escorted out of Jenin by PA officers, who arrived on the scene  before any more injuries were incurred.

{ Israel News}


    • Not smart to try that since they were outnumbered.

      If they would have fired even one bullet, they would have been killed instantly. (Though I’m sure these animals wanted to do that in the first place, but when they get enraged, nothing stops ’em)

  1. Hope no soldier tried killing or injuring any of those terrorists only to get arrested by Israeli officers and then having to deal with Israel’s Sodomite High Court of Injustice with lawsuits and whatnot.

  2. That’s what you need more women soldiers. The israeli army today is a joke. They are recruiting more women into combat units than men. Toeiva and trans are flooding the israeli army. This is not the same army of 1967. In those years if a Jew walked down an Arab street they all feared him. Today it’s the opposite.

    • Yes. Unfortunately you can blame the filthy ugly corrupt judges. It’s the corrupt judges that imprisoned Elor Azaria. It’s the corrupt judges that immediately arrest Meir Ettinger every time a Palestinian murders a Jew. Upside down rulings. Straight out of the Sedom playbook.
      Not a word out of Schiff, Schumer, and Nadler.

  3. Traveling with mesh on windows won’t work. They turn over the whole truck. Unless you have a normal orthodox jewish government there will never be peace.


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