Sofer Write to Matzav: Clarfication On Uganda Jewish Communities


sefer-torah-ugandaBy Rabbi Avraham Chaim Bloomenstiel

Clarification is needed regarding the recent report shared here on regarding a Sefer Torahbeing brought to Uganda. (See the report here.)

I am the sofer mentioned in the article. There are two completely unrelated communities in Uganda, both of which, however, originated with Semei Kakungalu. The first is the Abuyudaya – they are primarily in Mbale and are not halachically Jewish. They Are affiliated with conservative “Judaism.” Ever comment posted here thusfar pertains to this community.

The second community, Putti, is committed 100% to Torah Judaism. They have NO connection with the community in Mbale. Several members have been sent to EY to learn, and have done so in mainstream yeshivos, many have undergone recognized geirus by legitimate Batei Dinim in EY. Their desire is mass conversion as part of klal yisroel. Sounds strange, I know, but that is their ratzon and their situation is known to many Gadolei yisroel.

It is to this latter community that we are bringing the sefer.

Before getting involved with this project, the shailo was posed to two poskim, one American posek and one in EY. The American posek is a leading figure in Adugas Yisroel and the one in EY is with the Badatz. From both we received the “green light.”

So to clarify – the sefer torah IS NOT being brought to the conservative community of Mbale, rather it is being brought to the Orthodox community of Putti, whose overall goal is a complete conversion to Torah Judaism. Their conversions have been deemed legitimate and we did seek daas torah before proceeding.

Avraham Chaim Bloomenstiel

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  1. The topic of geirus is a great one to use for political purposes. No one gets hurt (just the gerim alone) Its a very sad reality what gerim must go thru! People missing the point.

    I READ SOMETHING ELSE! I see a beautiful thing happening in the world! In this case in remote Uganda! Every month we say “yikabetz nedocheinu meharbaah kanfos hoorretz”
    but instead get in to the politics…THIS Gerim are not interested in petty stupidity,
    they are interested in being Good Jews!


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