Socialist Ocasio-Cortez Blocks Press From Campaign Event



Democratic candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez banned press from an event with voters in her New York district this week.

The Queens Chronicle reported Thursday that Ms. Ocasio-Cortez’s townhall was closed to the press on Sunday.

According to the local outlet, only people who were allowed to attend the event know what specific issues were addressed and how.

The Chronicle reported said Ocasio and attendees said they “talked about race, immigration, healthcare, disability rights and housing.”

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  1. According to the picture, she looks like she had the same amount of people at the event as Hillary during her campaigns. Will not get her too far.

  2. Drum Worker. She has to get the blood of hate to beat fierce.

    Socialism and the dumb guy. He is sold.

    Penny and no soul. Stars and no sky.

    A drunk working war.

  3. She looks like a looney tune and should run for president of Venezuela I am sure she would be helpful after it’s hard to imagine what she could do to make it any worse

  4. She will go the same way as all the anti Semites of history. She will disappear into oblivion. Hopefully sooner than later…


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