SNUBBED: Yerushalayim Mayor Turns Down Prince William After Royal Refusal to Meet in the City


Highlighting a glaring discord on the matter of Jerusalem between Israel and the United Kingdom, Prince William reportedly declined a request by Mayor Nir Barkat to meet in Israel’s capital, telling him that he would only meet with him in a different city.

William, a guest at the historic King David hotel in Jerusalem who has used the premises as a base of operations during his visits with Israeli and Palestinian Authority representatives, was invited for a meeting with the city’s mayor, Nir Barkat, on Tuesday.

However, Barkat was reportedly informed by British Embassy officials that the prince would not meet him in Jerusalem, but instead would be willing to do so at a reception that evening at the British ambassador’s residence in Ramat Gan.

In response to the royal reply, Barkat declined a meeting all together, stating that if William would not meet him in Jerusalem, he would rather not meet him at all. Aides said Barkat’s decision was made “out of respect for Jerusalem”.

On Tuesday, William met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Reuven Rivlin, but is believed to have declined Barkat’s invitation over concerns that an official meeting would imply support of Israeli rights to the city.

William’s decision is believed to be tied to a recent controversy between England and Israel over the status of Jerusalem in the prince’s published trip itinerary, in which the Old City of Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives were referred to as “Occupied Palestinian Territories”, a distinction which raised ire in Israel for its insinuation that the historic and religiously significant locations did not belong to the Jewish state.

On Wednesday at Palestinian Authority headquarters in Ramallah, William told PA President Mahmoud Abbas he was “glad our two countries work so closely together,” a comment whose overtone of Palestinian statehood recognition was not lost on analysts.

The British foreign office did not comment directly, but affirmed the UK’s support for “the creation of a sovereign, independent and viable Palestinian state — living in peace and security, side by side with Israel.”

On Thursday, William donned a yarmulke to visit the Kosel, and travelled to Har Hazeisim. JNS.ORG

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  1. At last we have some one who has principles, Jerusalem is the capital of Israel where else would you meet the mayor of Jerusalem. Maybe he wants to meet him in a city in Gaza or other Arab land so he does not have to say, Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel. Look how all those politicians fawned over this individual, who has 2 faces, and I am sure when he goes to the Arab section he will bow and kiss the hand of its leader. So you can remember what the prince thinks all of Israel is really the “occupied land of the Palestinians” for they were and are people who never was. they are such non people they can’t even fill one museum which cost them 11million dollars, and Israel has to keep on building, buildings for there is never enough room for all the stuff Israel has in history. Israel remember who really are your friends.

  2. Go home William and enjoy your Arab refugees taking over your country. Wonder how long the royal palace will last.

  3. Why did they even allow him to visit israel to begin with? Let him suck up to his Arab cronies and leave israel alone. Who needs this stuck up snob anyways?

  4. Baakat should have told him “You don’t recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, we don’t recognize your grandmother as the queen of England (after all the atrocities she committed).”

  5. used the premises as a base of operations during his visits with Israeli and Palestinian

    Ironic. Mr Englishman how about stay at a Palestinian hotel and tell me why.

    Or why do you need Israeli secret service protection?

    Face it. These animals aren’t against Israel
    They are against anyone who isn’t a Muslim.

    I can’t stand it when these politicians use Israeli technology, security and even hostility and secret intelligence yet still stuck up to those Arabs that have none of this.

  6. It’s all politics.Barkat want to appear tough since now he hopes to soon join the Cabinet

    “When he apologizes for the Chevron massacre in 1929 then most he should be invited”
    Of the two british most responsible for the chevron massacre ,one one a Half jewish meshumad, and other was maltese

  7. His disturbing itinerary was enough for Israel to refuse to give him an official welcome. Israel should have let the Queen know beforehand that there will be no welcome at the airport, no King David Hotel, no Israeli security, no visits to the kosel or Jerusalem and no mention of him in the papers. I’m sure that then the Queen would have made corrections on the itinerary and either cancel led the trip or shown due respect to her host.

    • The best part of it all, is not only did he not get the welcome he expected from Israel, Palestinian children stoned his convoy (probably while he was trying to catch their balloons and kites). Hope this anti-Semite left with a bitter aftertaste.


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