Snub? VP Joe Biden, Other Democrats May Skip Netanyahu Address To Congress



Vice President Joe Biden and other leading Democrats in Congress may skip Israeli Prime Minister Binyomin  Netanyahu’s address to Congress next month amid growing tension between Netanyahu and the White House.

According to a report in Politico, Biden, who also serves as president of the U.S. Senate, has not yet committed to attending Netanyahu’s speech on March 3, while dozens of Congressional Democrats are also privately threatening to skip the address.

“Democrats have had to balance publicly supporting Israel with backing Obama, who’s trying to close a deal with Iran to curb its nuclear programs over vehement opposition from Netanyahu,” Politico reported.

The White House has not told Democratic members of Congress to skip the address, but also isn’t encouraging them to go.

“We defer to Democratic members if they’d like to attend or not,” a White House aide said Tuesday.

Netanyahu was invited by Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner (R-Ohio) to address a joint session of Congress about the threat of a nuclear Iran and radical Islam. The move set off controversy with the Obama administration, which said it was not consulted on the invitation and has argued that the address would hurt the West’s chances to forge a deal with Iran over its nuclear program. The speech was initially scheduled for Feb.11, but was moved to March 3 to accommodate Netanyahu’s address to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) convention.


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  1. If these Democrats want to reveal their true negative attitude towards Israel they can stay away! Maybe at least some of their Jewish voters and contributors would shun them in the future.

  2. The Democrat Party of today, HATES Israel & the Jews (listen to what Councilman Greenfeld said regarding not seperating Anti Israel with Anti Jew)!

  3. You can always depend on the DemoRats to stab Jews in the back even the left wing sicko liberal Jewish DemoRats who are DemoRat first & Jewish last.


  4. #1:
    Um, maybe because Netanyahu is one of the only world leaders – if not the only one – who isn’t afraid to speak the truth about Iran and has actually done the research to back up what he says?

    The only reason Obama is miffed about this is because it’s Netanyahu. If David Cameron or Angela Merkel were invited to speak two weeks before a British election, the White House wouldn’t give a hoot. This has nothing to do with a Republican pep rally and everything to do with Obama’s disdain (I’m being generous here) for Netanyahu, something which he has been quite obvious about from day one.

    And as a side point, the Republicans aren’t to blame for Obama’s foreign policy, such as it is. Anyone who seriously thinks that Obama will succeed in cutting any meaningful deal with Iran is living in La-La Land. Either Obama himself is totally delusional, or he knows exactly what he’s doing and is selling us all down the river. At least Boehner has asked someone to speak who actually knows what he’s talking about.

  5. #1, I ask you: Why did Republicans attend the State of the Union Address which was essentially a Obama Pep Rally?

    Democrats, and Obama in particular, always PRETEND that they are never about politics. That is the leftist dream world.

  6. #1, you are right, the left should boycott every session of Congress that has something on the agenda they disagree with. And it would do Obama some good to remember that the 3 branches of the government aren’t me, myself, and I

  7. “If these Democrats want to reveal their true negative attitude towards Israel they can stay away!”

    John Lewis announced that he is not attending. You can’t find a bigger supporter of Israel anywhere.

    The people commenting here want to throw Israel’s supporters under the bus. They don’t care about Israel, just the Republican party.


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