Snowden: Not All Spying is Bad


edward-snowdenIn a Q&A on his website, NSA leaker Edward Snowden answered Twitter-submitted questions about topics ranging from the threat on his life to returning to the United States. He said it’s not possible for him to return when “there’s no chance to have a fair trial,” and bashed the current whistleblower protection laws.

Snowden noted that some spying is warranted, but not mass surveillance.

“I think a person should be able to dial a number, make a purchase, send an SMS, write an email, or visit a website without having to think about what it’s going to look like on their permanent record.”

He also negated a Reuters report, saying he never stole his coworkers’ passwords. Read more at Free Snowden.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. I agree, if the NSA thinks they can start listening in to your phone & info the entire time 24-7. then they are removing the freedom of the USA (what America is known for)

    then they deserve to be spied on by Snowden


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