Snow Slams Northeast


snowA snowstorm slammed the northeast today, causing flights to be delayed up to five hours at some airports. And Washington D.C. is virtually shut down (for a real reason this time), although the House of Representatives and the Supreme Court stayed open.

The storm is considered a “parting shot” of two storms that paralyzed much of the country over the past five days, and now has caused snowfall from Boston to Washington this morning, with two to five inches expected in most places.

In Baltimore, two people were killed when an SUV collided with a commuter train. In New York, LaGuardia Airport had five hours delays and Newark Airport reported five-and-a-half hours. In Philadelphia, four hour delays were recorded. Read more at NBC News.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Nothing happened. It was totally overhyped. There is nothing on the ground, here in Brooklyn. One big joke. Bl$$mberg is a fraud.


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