Snow Continues to Pile Across Israel; Power Outage In Yerushalayim


snow-yerushalayimSnow continued to fall across Israel this morning, reaching new regions of the country and causing major power outages and road closures. The views in Yerushalayim are spectacular, as the hills of the city turn white and the rooftops in older neighborhoods wear a white contrast to the Jerusalem stone.

In Yerushalayim, a power outage affected more than half the city. Many drivers were stuck on the roads in the city overnight, without food and water, after attempting to reach the city to see the snow.

The Jerusalem municipality is continuing with the rescue operations that began last night and have so far saved over 2,000 people. The IDF and the Border Police are assisting in the operation.

Drivers who have been rescued have been taken to the Binyanei HaUma (International Convention Center), a community center in Mevaseret Zion and the Ofer Camp on Highway 443.

The Israeli police have released a particularly strong warning to drivers in affected areas against going out in blizzard conditions. Police have warned residents across the country to avoid leaving their homes for any reason during the snowfall. Read more at Arutz Sheva.

{ Israel}


  1. they got more snow then we did in america. just hope they have boots, warm coats gloves…etc. shovels and snowblowers because they have about 2 feet of snow


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