Smoke Fills Building at BMG, Bais Medrash Evacuated


bmgToday, during second seder, the Bais Shalom Bais Medrash of Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, NJ, was evacuated after smoke filled the building. Rabbi Aaron Kotler, Chief Executive Officer of Beth Medrash Govoha, spoke with this evening and apprised us of the exact cause of the smoke and the effect it has had on the building, which is connected to the Alumni Bais Medrash of Beth Medrash Govoha and the Irvington Dormitory Building.

The incident was triggered by JCP&L employees who were performing work on a transformer on that block, Ninth Street, between the avenues of Clifton and Madison. The work caused a surge which blew the motor in one of the six air conditioning units that serve Bais Shalom. The blowout is what caused the smoke, and it also blew the electricity for the entire immediate vicinity. The Lakewood Fire Department arrived at the scene shortly thereafter.

Rabbi Kotler said that the yeshiva evacuated the building until the smoke cleared, at which time the talmidim of the yeshiva were able to reenter the bais medrash and continue their second seder learning.

Rabbi Kotler told that the air conditioning unit will need to be replaced.

{Elisha Newscenter}


  1. I think the people that caused this damage should be the ones to pay for it. If not for them the air conditioners would be fine. The company they are employed by should take full responsibility.

  2. Wonderfull indeed, Sparky.
    Well, indeed, NJ at its “Garden” State” best.
    BTW, imagine if Irvington would still be hotel, not yeshiva dorm?


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