Smartphone Users Requested To Not Touch The Rebbe’s Aron


At the Skulener Rebbe’s levaya today, a request was made that people who own smartphones, with or without filters, should not attempt to touch the Aron carrying the Rebbe.

The Rebbe spent his life striving for Kedusha and always warned his followers of the dangers of smartphones and the Internet.



  1. “It has been announced at the Levaya that those who do not have a filtered smart phone should not touch the Niftar / Aron.”

    The above is a quote from another heimish website!

    Which is correct?

  2. I remember his talk at the Internet Asifa in MetLife stadium. It was Parshas Naso and he said “Naso es Rosh Bnei Yisrael” An animal looks down at his source of nourishment (the ground), but a human looks up to the Heavens. I think he meant to remind us of the distraction of a cellphone which has our heads constantly turned downward!

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