Smart Man: Buffett Made $10B illion off Financial Crisis


warren-buffetAnd the winner of the financial crisis is … Warren Buffett!

Five years ago, when everyone was scrambling to save, the American billionaire decided to invest in a few major companies and is now seeing a profit of $10 billion and counting.

And according to Buffett, anyone could have done what he did, though he may have been the only one.

“In terms of simple profitability, an average investor could have done just as well investing in the stock market if they bought during the panic period,” Buffet said this weekend. “You make your best buys when people are overwhelmingly fearful.” Lesson learned. Read more at The Wall Street Journal.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. No surprise there!

    Warren Buffet always speaks simple, sensible seichel while the rest of the financial news outlets make a lot of distracting and damaging noise.

    The market is not a casino for those who invest prudently, keep a level head, and focus on the long-term.


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