Slamming Gaza Violence, Corbyn Demands Review Of UK Arms Sales To Israel


UK opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn slammed Israel’s handling of the protests in Gaza on Friday, calling for the UN to launch an investigation into the killings of 29 Palestinians as well as reviewing the UK’s sale of arms to Israel.

Since Corbyn assumed leadership of the Labour party a series of controversies relating to his seemingly one-sided pro-Palestinian rhetoric, failure to stamp out anti-Semitism in his party and past actions, have led to a tumultuous relationship with British Jewry.

Corbyn has been criticized for the company he keeps and has come under fire for referring to Lebanon’s powerful Shiite militia Hezbollah and Gaza-based Islamist group Hamas as “friends” urging dialogue with the latter, as well as meeting representatives of both organizations.

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  1. The day will come when he or his family members gets assaulted within London proper by his own country’s overly populated miscreants in the name of alla. Let him then smile all the way to the hospital.


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