Skyrocketing Health Care Costs Aren’t Grandma’s Fault


doctorsFor decades we’ve heard dire warnings that a swelling tide of aging baby boomers is poised to swamp the U.S. healthcare system, driving up costs and threatening the viability of government and private insurance programs.

But a new study published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association strongly undercuts the assertion that an aging population is primarily to blame for soaring health care costs. Instead, the study concludes, the overwhelming share of increased health expenditures can be traced to the higher prices that hospitals, medical professionals and drug companies charge to treat a wide swath of illnesses, from cancer to depression.

The study comes as the debate over how to reform the U.S. healthcare system remains possibly the single most contentious issue in American politics. The Affordable Care Act — the 2010 law currently at the epicenter of that storm — includes provisions meant to both trim costs and improve care. These measures include steps like cracking down on Medicare fraud, cutting reimbursements to hospitals with high readmission rates, and fining hospitals for poor care.

Opponents of the law have argued that the cost of caring for the tens of millions of new health care beneficiaries under Obamacare will outweigh these savings.


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  1. It is all the result the attitude sue over everything and anything. When a person sues a doctor, someone pays. A doctor needs to have insurance to cover himself if he is sued. I know that 20 years ago of a dermotologist who had to pay $10,000 a month just for insurance. He would probally have to pay today $ 28,000 a month for the same insurance coverage. Now suppose one is an ob doctor, his insurance per month is going to be even more than that. So what does the doctor who already invested about 11 years of his life to become a doctor, plus the cost of college and medical school ( my guess in the hundreds of thousands of dollars) , going to do? He’s going to charge his patients more money…

  2. Yeah don’t blame me. I’m a grandma and I NEVER go to the doctor. The only health care professionals I use are holistic and I pay them in cash.

  3. The insurance companies are the biggest problem in all of this. They collect at both ends, from the Doctors for malpractice insurance, and then from the patients for health care insurance.

    We need a system where the Doctors are the ones making medical decisions, and a system that encourages trust between patients and there medical providers. The strait jacket placed upon doctors by the insurance company executives decreases that trust, and leads to more malpractice suits.


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