Skverer Rebbe To Visit Toronto for Shabbos Parshas Ki Sisa


skverer-rebbeShabbos Parshas Ki Sisa/Parah, March 6, will be a grand celebration Shabbos for Skverer Chassidim, as Rav Dovid Twersky, Skverer Rebbe, will visit Toronto and lead Shabbos there. The Rebbe responded favorably to ongoing invitations and requests from the Toronto Skverer community.

The last Shabbos that the Rebbe led in Toronto was 10 years ago, on Shabbos Parshas Tzav/ Parah, March 25, 2000. Though 10 years have passed, memories of that exhilarating Shabbos are held dear and often recounted. That Shabbos is considered one of the most important in Toronto’s Chassidishe history.

As news of the Rebbe’s agreement to be in Toronto spread, parallel committees were quickly set up in Toronto and in New York to coordinate all the necessary arrangements. Thousands of chassidim from all over the world are expected to come to Toronto to participate. Lodging, meals, and travel must be arranged well in advance to make for smooth border crossings. Rabbi Sholom Dov Ber Fishel, president of the Skverer community in Monsey, has assumed the directorship of these committees.

As of this writing, the huge Bais Yaakov Hall has been reserved and the Shabbos tefillos and tisch will take place there. The Rebbe will be hosted at the gracious homes of Mr. and Mrs. Shimon Werner and Mr. and Mrs. Yosef Meyer Solomon. In addition, sections of the Bais Yaakov Hall facility will be outfitted for meals, as well as beds, to provide food and lodging for the anticipated overflow and inevitable latecomers. Additional details will be released in the coming weeks.

{Machberes-Rav G. Tennebaum/ Newscenter}


  1. I’m from Toronto. There is no “Toronto Skverer community”. The Sqverer Rebbe is not a very big traveler. He prefers to stay in his Shtetel as much as possible. Times are tough and his Mosdos need money so he’s traveling around to raise funds. He recently went to Flatbush for the first time as well.

  2. Toronto welcomes one and all. There is no toronto skever committee. Hope they have hatzlacha but mosdos here are struggling and maybe the Toronto community should focus on Toronto

  3. The Skverer Rebbe shelita was in Toronto ten yers ago. Though not numbering in the tens of thousnds, there are a significant number of Skverer Chassidim and friends in Toronto. If you don’t want to be part of the Rebbe’s tefilas and tishin, don’t go! The doors are wide open and you are warmly invited but no one is forcing you to bask in the rebbe’s holiness. The people that want the Rebbe to grace Toronto invited him and strongly encouraged him to come. They are extending themselves to make the visit a great Kiddush HaShem and success. If you decide not to participate, the Rebbe blesses you regardless. May HaShem open your heart to Kedusha and Malchus. Have a gret and beautiful Shabbos !!

  4. with much anticipation we are waiting 4 the rebbe shlita arrival i am in midle of aranging the visit with community askanim including rav binyamin and nussi werner and reb yossie solomon. the rebbe will be driven around with reb shmuel werner a son of reb nussi he plans 2 stay by reb shimon werner and reb yossie solomon. a big kabbolos panim is planned in the rebbe honor i would also like 2 thank moshe lexier and yirmy maeirovits 4 taking care 2 arange the rebbe car looking 4ward 2 an inspiring shabbos


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