Skverer Rebbe Had Predicted Downfall of Enemies of Klal Yisroel


skverer-rebbe-1While the whole world watched with excitement following the announcement of the assassination of arch terrorist Osama bin Laden, Skverer Chassidim, in Shikun Skver, were perhaps surprised a bit less.

This past Friday night, a day before the highly publicized liquidation of bin Laden by CIA elite units, the Skverer Rebbe spoke at his tish, which takes place every Friday night.

Thousands were at the tish, when the Rebbe said the following: “It states in this week’s parsha, ‘Mipnei seivah takum.’ ‘Seivah’ can be interpreted as referring to Klal Yisroel, who are considered the ‘head’ and first of all creation, as Chazal say, ‘Yisroel alu bemachshavah techilah. Klal Yisroel are thus called zekeinim.

‘Takum’ is from the lashon of nekama,” continued the Rebbe, quoting a posuk.

“The Torah is thus telling us that ‘Mipnei seivah,’ because of Klal Yisroel who are called ‘seivah,’ ‘takum’ – Hashem will bring about nekamah, taking revenge against the foes of Klal Yisroel and removing them from the world.”

The Chassidim did not understand the context in which the devar Torah was said, as the Rebbe does not usually involve current events in his drashos. The feeling was that the vort was directed toward the leaders of Arab countries who are currently in an existential struggle for their lives and their rule.

On Sunday, at 11:30 p.m., the President of the United States announced the liquidation of the person who murdered thousands of innocent people, including quite a few Yidden. It was then that the Chassidim understood what the Rebbe had referred to.

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  1. This communicates absurdly that he intended to refer to bin laden and the Rebbe MeSquverer never communicated this.

  2. Osama is not an enemy of Klal Yisroel per se but rather an enemy of America and hates our Democracy and way of life. The Rebbe was probably NOT talking about Osama.

  3. Shikun Square is also called New Square and is located next to Monsey and Spring Valley in Upstate NY. It is a beautiful enclave.

  4. UBL was not an enemy of the Jews? Are you serious!!??

    Try listening to some of the rashah’s tapes. He consistently condemned the US, Israel, and the Jews in a single breath.

  5. the last i checked Osama was a fundamental Islamist. It is thoroughly established that the fundamentalist islamic take on anyone who doesn’t accept Allah is that they must accept it or be killed. They educate their children that the Jews are the most vile, foul, rotten, disgusting of ALL of the infidels in the world. They clearly teach and promulgate every day 1000 times a day that Jews lives have absolutely no value and they are not considered human beings. How can anyone possibly think for one second that Osama was not an enemy of the Jews. That would be quite naive.

  6. The Rebbe is a tzaddik, no question about it. Hashem puts the right words into the mouths of tzaddikim so that the right tefillos come out. Surely if you will ask the Rebbe, he will say that he did not think this. But the tefillo was accepted by the RS”O so that it accomplished good for klal Yisroel and the whole world.

  7. We must remember that this Rasha instructed his Lieutenant to murder and cut off the head of the Yiddish reporter in Pakistan. Remember this murder? No. Most have forgot. YMSVZ.

    Yes, the Squarer Rebbe had Ruach HaKodesh from his chachmah b’Torah on davkah this parshah.

  8. “24. Comment from Baal Dikduk
    Time May 5, 2011 at 8:54 AM

    Dear Rav T (#5),

    I refer you to a Pasuk in Parsha Haazinu “Ki Dam Avodov Yikom” – no Nun!”

    Oy vey. Some baal dikduk.
    This verb is a Binyan paal/kal verb, and the shoresh is indeed 1)”nun” 2)”koof” 3)”mem.” The infinitive form is “linkom.” This is an example of a “Pay Nun” verb (i.e. its first root letter is a nun). In the future tense the nun drops out routinely in such verbs. But that doesn’t change the fact that its first root letter is and remains “nun.” The nun is found in all the past and present tenses.
    However, the verb in the pasuk cited is “lakoom,” (to arise), a Binyan Paal/Kal verb whose shoresh is 1)”koof” 2)”vav” 3)”mem.” Because of where the vav is situated (second), this verb is classified as an “Ayin vav” verb. Other such verbs are “lagur” (to sojourn)and “lashuv” (to return).

    These two verns are unrelated, and it’s not pashut pshat by any means, but it is nice Chasidish Torah.

  9. “‘Takum’ is from the lashon of nekama,” continued the Rebbe, quoting a posuk.

    Grammatically, this is exceedingly….shver, But go with it, it’s a nice thought.

  10. # 5: The shoresh of nekoma is nun’ kuf’ mem’. Understood. but sometimes the eiyin hapoel is missing tinkom tikkom.


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