Sixth Swastika in Five Months Found in Summit Schools in New Jersey

Montgomery County, Md., detectives investigated a case of vandalism and theft at a Silver Spring home late last year, police said. MUST CREDIT: Photo courtesy of the Montgomery County Police Department

Another symbol of hate — the sixth in five months — was found in the public schools in Summit, NJ, officials said. The swastika was located in a sixth-floor girls bathroom at the district’s middle school, and immediately removed.

Reports of swastikas have skyrocketed throughout the New York and New Jersey region, as WNYC reported in January, and are the most common hate crime. But Summit, a well-to-do town in Union County with about 4,000 students in the public schools, seems to be getting hit harder than elsewhere. About two-thirds of the students are white, and there is a notable Jewish population.

The six swastikas were all found in the middle and high schools, and some of the graffiti may have predated this school year.

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  1. Presidential candidate Cory Booker doesn’t care and won’t say anything. He won’t speak out on anti semitism taking place in his State by democrats. If he does, he runs the risk of appearing to disagree with Ilhan Omar and that would be racist and islamophobic. The Democrat party is the party of hate.


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