Singing Competition Reality Show to Spotlight Jewish Talent


jewish-starCombining two of today’s most popular genres-music and reality shows-to bring entertainment and much-needed messages of positivity to Jewish youth, A Jewish Star has partnered with the National Council of Young Israel of America to present its annual international Jewish singing competition, this time with a reality show competition format.

The fourth season’s panel of celebrity judges will include international Jewish music superstars Gad Elbaz, Lipa Shmeltzer, Yossi Green, Yehuda Solomon and Yeedle Werdyger. The show will be hosted by the world-renowned Jewish comedian MODI, who was voted one of the “Top 10 Comedians” in New York City by the Hollywood Reporter and BackStage Magazine.

Contestants can register through the show’s website and audition live in front of the judges on February 17 and 18 in New York City. Viewers can watch the live auditions as part of the reality show series, and vote online or via text message to help determine who will be the next Jewish Star.

“Our goal is to provide a platform for talented individuals to shine, and to infuse new life into Jewish music so that it’s exciting again,” says Mica Soffer, Executive Producer of A Jewish Star.

Filmmaker Danny Finkelman of Sparks Next studio will produce the singing competition’s fourth season as a 10-episode reality show, which can be viewed online.

Now more than ever it is imperative that this generation’s youth be infused with positive, spiritual messages. And what better way to reach a large, young Jewish audience than through music and entertainment?

A Jewish Star is dedicated to providing talented Jewish men of all ages and backgrounds with a platform to highlight their vocal and musical abilities. This year, the competition’s rules will allow many more contestants to audition; contestants will no longer need to have access to musical equipment or studio production in order to participate. To qualify, all a contestant needs to do is register online and perform the song of his choice in front of the judges during the live auditions.

Visit to register as a contestant, to participate as a viewer, and to vote for your favorite contestants. You can also follow the competition on Facebook, at

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  1. Wow, Kiddush Hashem! Me Ki’amcha Yisroel! Kol Yisroel yesh lahem cheilek le’olam haba!


    Is this what Yiddishkiet has come down to? We’ve clearly taken over Yavon’s job! Very Torahdika promo! Especialy the nekaiva hugging her son.

  2. This is terrible. Have we lost all shame. Just call it the name of the tv show series your imitating and erase jewish. Disgraceful.

  3. Fecch. Feccch. Feccch. These so called frum singers/ producers/ composers what ever they want to name themselves, should be utterly ashamed of themselves. Year after year, they make a mockery of the term :” Jewish Music”. They are simply trying to emulate the Non Jewish Music scene and are sending a terrible message to our Yound children. Have they no shame????????

  4. seriously.
    history has showed that the harder we try to fit in to the non jewish culture, the harder they will kick us back in the face.

  5. U all got it wrong this is what yiddishkeit needs to take it to the next level we need to look normal this will solve the shidduch crisis

  6. U all got it wrong this is exactly what yiddishkeit needs we need to look normal to take it to the next level which will solve the shidduch crisis

  7. very nice
    thanks to jewish star pepole wont have to go to other such talent shows wich are filled with pritsus but could now have kosher entertainement wich will give a tremendous boost to jewish music
    the 50S are over if u dont come up with frum kosher entertainment then many might simply look for entertainment in other venues….

  8. What a farce! Nothing became, of last years winner! No CD! No appearances! No promotions! So what’s the point? Who is paying for this garbage?

  9. to all the holier then thou naysayers… need a outlet to express themselves….we need a entertainment outlet….this is a perfect shidduch…why do we have so much negativity in us…

  10. To Dimyonois:
    There is a major change in production this year and the fact that it’s promoted by the National Council Young Israel could be a major deal.
    And by the way, all you other guys, stop getting into the negative attitude. If NCYI is supporting this, then they definitely have Rabbinic backing, e.g. Rabbi Pesach Lerner.
    So please calm down and stop wasting time on the internet 😉


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