Sing It: Measles, Measles, Measles….


To be sung to the tune of Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel:

I have a little yingel
With rash and eye discharge
I thought that it was nothing
But my doctor made it large

He said your kid has measles
Why didn’t you give shots?
I told him it’s baloney
An evil doctors’ plot

Measles, measles, measles
I will not immunize
So what if my neighbors’ kids
All have pus in their eyes

My son was exposed to measles
They said don’t send to school
I just put him on the bus
Do they think I’m a fool?

Board of Health says no school
Not one of them is Frum
I just sent him anyway
How dare you say it’s Krum!

Chorus: Measles, measles, measles…

They said immunize your kids
I answer with contempt
Don’t bother me with that Shtus
I’m religiously exempt

I sent the school a health form
I said he’s immunized
When they have an outbreak
They sure will be surprised

Chorus: Measles, measles, measles…

I just don’t get some people
Who are religious weasels
Who use their “quote” Frumkeit
To immunize for measles

I want to visit Bubby
Why should I go alone?
I’ll take my little tzadik
And expose the nursing home

Chorus: Measles, measles, measles…

Sit down at the table
The family will eat hearty
As you spread your measles
At the family Chanukah party

Be a real good person
Do not be a miser
Give your friends and family
Rashes and coryza

Chorus: Measles, measles, measles…



  1. This is disgusting. The sinas chinam is amazing.

    Since when do Yidden tell other Yidden it’s not okay to question and have another opinion. Why are so many of us willing to follow medical advive and CDC and DOH blindly, not unlike what happened in Germany not so long ago. If you EDUCATED yourselves, you would find out what rishis is behind the DOH letter that just came out. They were asked by Yidden to do this; their policy for non Jewish schools is not as harsh.

    There are always two sides of the story. Ive heard the pro side. When are the pro vaccine going to LISTEN to the other side.

    Meanwhile we keep attacking our own community. when will it end????

    • I don’t think there is sinah, and it surely is not chinom. People are protecting themselves and their loved ones. If you are putting me or my children at risk, it is not chinom.
      Stop the name calling, accept that what you are doing is different and can be dangerous. As R Shlomo Miller has said, open you own school for people who don’t vaccinate, and don’t mix with our populatin putting us at risk.

    • You don’t get it. There is no other side. We don’t have to listen to anti-vaxxers, and the consequences of falling vaccination rates in the frum community are out there for all to see. In addition, the overwhelming majority of Poskim/Rabbonim support getting vaccinated. Maybe its time for you anti-vaxxers to listen and see the light, and the error of your ways.

      • Silly. If you’re children are vaccinated why are you and other vaxxers afraid of the anti-vaxxers? They can’t harm them.

    • It’s a shame you feel this way. No matter how sincerely you believe that all government health agencies and the overwhelming majority of health professionals are “…not unlike what happened in Germany not so long ago…” most people, including yours truly, don’t share your belief.

    • “Since when do Yidden tell other Yidden it’s not okay to question and have another opinion”

      It is not your opinion that is the problem. It is the danger you pose to others by spreading (in this case) measles that is the problem.

      But in terms of the question as worded, I would ask if you ever read any of the other news on these sites. Such as those Yeshiva that kick students out of simply owing a driver’s license, or because the mother drives, or because the father works etc etc etc ad infnitum All of those victims are also only “another opinion”. Except they do not endanger the way measles does.

      • What kind of dumb talk is this? If your children are vaccinated what kind of danger are they in if non-vaccinated children get the measles?

    • Yocheved, it isn’t sinas chinom when trying to stop a crazy guy drilling a hole in a boat you are in. Just like a crazy guy in a boat just wants a breath of fresh air, and doesn’t believe in such trivial things as drilling below waterline will cause to sink a boat, so are the uneducated antivaxxers, who are completely ignorant of basic knowledge in medicine, biology and history. Don’t believe CDC, just read a biology textbook. Antivaxxers are ignorant and endanger others, and have no moral right to have an opinion.

      • Why do you vaxxers fear anti-vaxxers if your children are vaxxinated? Are you saying that the vaccination is junk and they can still contract measles? If so, tell me who are the ignorant ones?

    • Dear Yocheved,
      The other side of the story is this. We have more large families, , more young children, more pregnant women, and a few more immuno-compromised individuals in our community. Not immunizing your children is putting many people around them at risk.

      • That’s right, sheeple, NASA made it to the moon with astronauts who were able to withstand a temperature from -225 to +243 Fahrenheit every single day and night, Kennedy was not killed by the CIA Mafia, Vince Foster committed suicide dying of 2 gunshots wounds to his head and on his neck, Bin Laden was behind 9/11 who was able to bring down two 110 stories steel and concrete buildings to ground zero in 102 minutes with aluminum planes, Paddock an alter kracher who had no military experience killed and maimed about 700 people in less than 5 minutes in Las Vegas, Nicholas Cruz who was walking next to a classmate killed 17 students in Florida, and Yigal Amir was able to kill Rabin by firing blanks.

    I support vaccinations, but this is just tasteless and a slap in the face to those suffering, whether it is their fault or not.

    BTW @Yocheved: What does the DOH action on education have anything to do with vaccinations??

  3. Kudos to matzav for giving all of us a good laugh. Nothing wrong with making people that act this way look like fools – since they are acting like fools/conspiracy theorists with blinders by not listening to the unanimous opinion of Doctors and Rabbonim. It’s funny but on the other hand very sad…

  4. Yocheved, a Shifra you’re definitely not! You don’t care to see children suffer! Who needs measles! Who needs Polio? Who needs these diseases that the western world has eradicated. Africa and frum Jews are the only ones! Do you relish in the fact that one Jew shares the disease with another? Your comment is ridiculous!

  5. Tasteles or NOT!!!
    sinas chinom????
    The main question here to ESPECIALLY the antivaxers is: ASK YOURSELF:
    Do you want your child, yourself or maybe even an elderly or possibly a vulnerable family member (who can’t be vacinated ….. for lexical reasons) to catch MEASLES??? CHAS VESHOLEM !!!!

    I FOR SURE DON’T WANT anyone near me catching anything!!!!!……. (i am pro vax…..)MEASLES is not fun to have….. as heard in the NEWS!!!

    So please do be considetate i think it all had more to do with
    BEIN ODOM LACHAVEIRO than sinas chinom or tasteless think of that first!!!

  6. Because of all the HATE coming out of the pro-vaxxers crowd, I WILL NOT GET VACCINATED OR THE FLU SHOT! Go to hell all of you! Now I know why Moshiach will not come in this generation. Keep the Sinas Chinom going.

    • Don’t get Moshiach involved in your tirade!
      It happens to be he told me he wasn’t coming quite yet because they won’t give a vaccine shot to someone over 2000 years old and he is afraid of catching the Measles. Im Kol Zoh, I await each day… that the anti=vaxxers will see the light, get vaccinated, and allow Moshiach to finally come.

  7. Wow, measles– pus in the eyes and a rash!!! So frightening! My grandmother told me that when she got the measles she also got a fever!! Can you imagine that? Measles is almost as scary as a cold which can also cause severe complications in immunocompromised individuals!
    The whole american population must be rodfim and baby killers because 100% of the population is unimmunized against thousands of viruses! How dare you walk around without a face mask when you may be carrying rsv, pink eye, strep, and dozens of other pathogens!! How dare you breathe, sneeze, or step foot into shul!

  8. Please read the vaccine insert and note the side effects of the mmr vaccine which include: fever, a rash, and in rare cases, death. Effects of measles include: fever, rash, rare cases death.

  9. Btw, everyone in the nursing home went to measles parties and had measles as kids; they are fully immune so need to worry.

  10. To all yeshiva bochrim out there: Whoever wrote this is not even related to a ben torah. He is probably an oisvorf. It is irrelevant what this is about. A yid doesn’t talk like this. Anyone that didn’t vaccinate yet won’t listen to this leitzonus. Maybe publish stuff that will convince them, like disproving their claims. Unless you are scared that by showing them the truth you might end up being on the wrong side of it. If you are confident then be a man and prove it.

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