Simcha Felder Launches Petition Drive for Senate Candidacy


felder[Photos below.] Dozens of neighborhood volunteers have been flooding the streets of Boro Park and Flatbush to collect petition signatures for Simcha Felder, who is running for State Senate in the 17th Senate District.

Simcha, a former City Council Member and current New York Deputy Comptroller for Accounting and Budget, recently announced his candidacy for the newly-formed 17th Senate District.

“I know you are all busy, but I would greatly appreciate if you take the time to sign my petition,” said Felder. “It’s been a privilege to faithfully serve parts of this new district for many years and, if given the opportunity, with Hashem’s help, I would be honored to serve the entire district.”

There has been an outpouring of support and excitement from the community since Simcha announced his intention to run. Assemblyman Dov Hikind and Council Member David Greenfield, together with askanim and community leaders, are united in their endorsement of Felder for Senate.

“I was excited to hear that he is running for public office again,” said Hikind. “One of our recent goals has been to unite behind one candidate who will most effectively represent our community.”

“The reality is that Simcha Felder is the gold standard of Orthodox Jewish elected officials. He’s somebody who’s been working for the community for years. He genuinely cares about the community. He’s consistently delivered for the community,” said Greenfield.

The ever popular Simcha expects to receive several thousand signatures from residents of the 17th Senate District.

“After all,” quipped Felder, “we all want and need more simcha and hopefully Simcha Felder, as well.”

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. The Torah world is supporting Rabbi Nachman Caller. Dov & David are supporting Simcha. Big deal! Every Ben Torah with a bissel seichel will be voting & supporting Rabbi Caller.

  2. I will be voting for the Republican, Rabbi Nachman Caller. Simcha, the Democrat, had his chance already. It’s time to step aside and make room for a newcomer.

  3. “The ever popular Simcha expects to receive several thousand signatures from residents of the 17th Senate District”

    This is a news report or a paid political ad? There is another Frum person also running for the Senate seat. If Matzav was really honest, you would present both sides.

  4. First, I’m not sure Mr. Caller has s’micha, thus Rabbi is inaccurate. If you want accurate, then Simcha Felder should also be called Rabbi Simcha Felder (he DOES has s’micha), but since this is a political race – not a rabbinical race – you can stop with the Rabbi Caller.
    It’s not only Dov and David endorsing Simcha. Almost ALL the Mosdos in Boro Park are supporting him, because they know him. He is erhlich in his dealings with people and has been wonderful to his consituents.

  5. Ezrah, calm down! If you’re “not sure” if Rabbi Nachman Caller has Smecha, then keep your ignorant mouth closed.


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