SILLY: Dov Hikind Wastes His Vote, Submits Write-In for Paul Ryan


Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) showered Speaker of the House Paul Ryan with praise this morning before vowing to write in the Republican’s name on the presidential ballot with just seven days until Election Day.

Assemblyman Hikind suggested he came to the decision after how increasingly disappointed he became in presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

“Hillary Clinton, for me, is not an option,” Hikind said. “If we wanted another term of President Obama, we would push to change the constitution, and have a third term of Obama rather than an Obama replica. I was hoping that Trump could show me he could act presidential, but nothing that has transpired over the past six months led me to believe he could. From mocking a physically disabled reporter to degrading women based on their appearance, I simply cannot support nor condone that type of behavior. As far as I’m concerned, I believe both candidates have disqualified themselves.”

Hikind, distraught over both Republican and Democratic candidates, went on to suggest how painful it would be for him to have to pick between what many are calling the “lesser of two evils.” Instead, Hikind vowed to write in Paul Ryan’s name at the voter’s booth on Election Day based on morals and principle.

“Paul Ryan is a man of courage, integrity and possesses the necessary values we look for in a presidential candidate,” he said. “Paul Ryan stands for principles that are parallel to my own and is a staunch supporter of a stronger American-Israeli relationship.

“Speaker Ryan is as class-personified as it gets,” Hikind continued. “On Election Day, I will follow my conscious and vote for Paul Ryan—someone who I believe would be a great president. It is unfortunate that America, as great as it is, is left with repugnant candidates that are highly unfavorable. Even still, I encourage everyone to uphold their civic duty and vote your conscious.”



  1. I’m sorry Mr Hikind but you have lost everything I had for you. If you are a patriot and you’re wasting your vote and try to teach and preach others to do the same, you committing a sabotage. You probably could not care less if the evil Clinton wins. We are not voting for the chief rabbi of the United State but for the one who – at least – be less damaging to the country and the rule is: you don’t vote for a criminal nor a failed politician. By not voting for a real candidate, you’re increasing her chance. Teaching and preaching others, is even worse. It is totally irresponsible. Sorry – I didn’t expected it from a man like you

    • Clinton is winning New York Anyways so write in makes perfect logical sense, though wasting a write in on Paul Ryan is a major problem though

  2. He’s making a big statement and showing his feelings about this election. He feels the other candidates are unworthy to be president! Good job Hikind!

  3. Why is this silly. This is an opinion piece not a news article. I also refuse to vote for either of these messes of a candidate. Dov can do his vote without it being “silly” because you disagree. As if hillary won’t win NY by 20 % anyway

  4. Way to go Dov. Thanks for nothing. For years you tell us all to go out and vote and how important voting is then you go and waste yours. Just plain old stupid. You have the right to do what you want but why share this with us? Why announce to whoever will be President that you did not vote for them? Writing in a name of someone (no matter how great you think they are) that cannot possibly win is no better then not voting at all. It makes a mockery of the system you claim is so important and shows us all that our congressman wastes his vote so why should I even bother voting.

    Thanks Dov.

  5. Paul Ryan is part of the establishment problem. He has done nothing despite having a Republican majority for the last 6 years. He and his ilk have let Obama run roughshod over them. The Republicans are L O S E R S!

  6. Can someone please explain why a political discussion is taking place in a Shul in front of an Aron Kodesh and on the same stage used for Krias Hatorah? Isn’t there a social hall in the building? Do we really want to use a Shul for this????

  7. I was at the Talmud Torah Monday nights discussion on Trump Hillary election. The overwhelming majority were very much in support of Trump. Hikind did admit that Trump will put conservative judges on the Supreme Court unlike Hillary will put liberals. Now we have a chance to save society from going from bad to worse. Vote Trump

  8. What does he think he will accomplish with this?!
    Just some attention.
    Bad judgment.
    Btw Ryan is no saint. We can thank him for the rising debt, allowing and funding Syrian refugees, Obamacare, planned parenthood etc…

  9. He tells everyone to vote because it’s the number of people at the ballots that count, it doesn’t make a difference who you vote for. There is absolutely no contradiction there.
    As for the “silly” waste of a vote, first of all, how can Matzav, who is always bashing the partisan, biased, news media, not be ashamed of themselves to write such a headline? About a drum dedicated politician no less. Second, as many have pointed out, NY is a wasted vote anyway, so why vote against your conscience when you can write in someone you like?
    Who are you all fooling by thinking a vote for Trump in NY will do anything, it’s an electoral college election, not a popular vote. So calm down everyone, including Matzav.
    However, regarding our brothers and sisters in Florida and Ohio…. that’s another story.

  10. There’s nothing praiseworthy about voting for Ryan. It’s as praiseworthy as voting for your baby sister because it means nothing. It’s a publicity stunt and Hikind has been called out on it. He’s a good man, no one including Matzav is disputing that, but in this case he erred.
    I am sure Matzav would endorse him and support Hikind. I see tons of positive exposure for Hikind on this site all the time. There’s nothing wrong with pointing out the obvious – that in this case he wasted his vote in a silly maneuver that makes no sense.

  11. First if all, shame on Matzav for degrading another yid for no good reason (he didn’t do an aveiro). I pity your portion in gehenom.

    Secondly, any one who votes for Trump in NY is also “wasting” his vote, as there is ZERO chance he wins NY! So how is this a waste? It was a great opportunity to show his support of a very influential politician (which can only do good for our community).

    Like most readers, I’m very shocked and disappointed with this article.

  12. Trump is the biggest supporter of Toeiva and abortion the Republicans ever elected. At the convention he welcomed the TOEIVA crowd to the party. He has a history of supporting their agendas. How can people vote for this man???? Where’s your morals? Hi kind is right for refusing to vote for any of these morally twisted individuals.

  13. First of all if the frum community in new york and new jersey come out strong for Trump,it will influence other swing vote state Jewish voters in Florida,ohio ,Pennsylvania and elsewhere. Sevond you never know what new information that can shatter the clinton crime familys reputation. We as orthodox jews must shoe we stand on values. Trump is our last hope for Yiddiskeit in America to survive. Even Hikind stated that Trump will appoint conservative Judges. That mrans toueva marriage will be done away with.If we get hillary and her new liberal supreme court judges we are in big trouble. Our children and grand children will suffer. Just as in Oregon a religious non Jewish bakery refused to bake a cake for a same gender couple and got fined 135 thousand dollars,forcing their business to close,so too frum catering halls,yeshivas and shuls will be subject to fines and padlocks under these activist flaming liberal judges. Even rabbi Genack who is close to the clintons admitted that they are worried that religious freedom will be curtailed when it comes to certain anti Torah idsues. If every frum yid voted we could easily have ny win for Trump. We are 30 per cent of Brooklyn if every one of us voted we could turn over thrleberal agenda and their dark clouds hovering over us. Yes Trump skirts the toeiva issue as he cant afford to have these loonies protesting after him. He is very smart.He will let his conservetive appointed judges fo the dirty work of turning America as well as its miseducating system back to moral values. Remember that it will not take long for Israel to follow in the American immoral behaviors. Look at the last 12 years and in holy Yerushalayim a toeiva parade continues each year. Where are all the chareidim one third of the population in Yerushalayim are chareidim. Its not an accident that the UN claims Jerusalem is not a Jewish heritage.We dont treat it with holiness so its taken away from us. I understand why Hikind did not come out for neither candidate. He knows that all his constiuents care about is community fundrd programs. He cant afford to get into a tangle with the
    Extreme democrats he has to work with. But if jews would vote in mass we would have a strong voice. The same in Jerusalem.why is there a non religious mayor the last 8 years. Its about infighting and thats why so many chassidisha and yeshivisha kids are off or havev very little internal emunah. Just as the religious christians have compromised on their moral values and their kids are straying morally,the same is happening by us. We need to teach string haskofas and show our youth how Torah is central to our lives as wekk as all around us. Vote Trump and dont worry if we win or lose. We must make a string statement.Secular Jews are complaining that orthodox jews are voting Trump and questioning why we dint get with their self destructive programs. We are real Jews and we will stand up to the world. Vote Trump

  14. @anon this is not lashon hara he tweeted it out. whoever doesnt vote for donald trump is making a chilul hashem bec all the goyim say that the jews vote democratic and than they complain anti israel toavah marriage… if u dont want those problems u have to vote for the republican which in this case is trump and not paul ryan. so by saying that ny is going to hillary anyway so who cares is plain old stupid. annother reason lets say trump wins and the numbers say that 60% of jews voted foor hillary or more, he might just throw us under the bus when we need a favor.

  15. Dov Hikind Wastes His Vote…

    Ipcha Mistabrah.

    Frum people should vote, regardless of who they vote for, simply so that our community should have a voice and our issues won’t be ignored. That said, Hikind’s vote was not wasted, but rather it was a statement that neither Hillary nor Trump is worthy of a vote.
    Had there been any doubt about who the winner in New York will be then of course Hikind (and the rest of us) should make our vote count by picking Hillary or Trump, but since the state will be going overwhelmingly for Hillary regardless, a statement vote by a newsmaker isn’t a waste.

  16. Give Mr. Hikind credit. He does not have to go to the face of his future and grave knowing he cast a vote for a terrible man. He is going to live well. G-d will not curse you to vote against Mr. Trump. Maybe a blessing too. Shalom.

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