Sign: Lakewood, NJ: Someone Ripping Out Windshield Wipers in Legal Parking Spot



  1. First of all an illegal is a big choshen mishpat question. You may be stealing from the public. However even if it was a legal driveway your only allowed to do something to get your driveway useable like towing the car. But damaging the car just for the sake of damaging or to make a point is asur

  2. well i’m sure there’s a reason the resident did it , perhaps people have been blocking their drive way etc , let’s think before we complain and sue etc.

  3. Why don’t they knock on the arrogant homeowners door and beat the living daylights out if him? I guarantee you he’ll think twice before he touches anyones car again. Then have the police arrest him for defacing public property. You can’t paint anything on City cement.

  4. “Beating the living daylights “ out of another Yid is not exactly legal either
    The guy is surely wrong but 2 wrongs don’t make a right
    Just deliver a dumpster there

  5. to avi schnell
    no excuse to damage someones car you call the cops
    what is worth learning bava kama if it doesnt make a dioff to you
    nowhere in bavakama does it say you get physical with someone that does damage to you

    even the gig lamdonim and kvetchers in lajewood cant show it to me

  6. my “legal” driveway is right of the corner of a shopping area in Brooklyn and it is ALWAYS blocked by shoppers “just for one minute” which turns out to be about a half hour each time.
    THIS IS REAL GENEIVAH – STEALING SOMEONE’S TIME &MONEY because the owner has to wait for the blocker to return and move the car

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