Sick to Your Stomach: 9/11 Museum Gets a….Restaurant


9-11-museum2The National September 11 Memorial & Museum will be home to a café run by New York restaurateur Danny Meyer. The Pavillion Café is set to open in the summer and will offer “an array of local, seasonal fare in a relaxing and comfortable environment.” (The Onion predicted this.)

Victims families were already outraged when a VIP dinner featuring was held Tuesday night for wealthy donors to the museum. The soiree reportedly took place near the “remains depository,” where 8,000 unidentified body parts are stored.

Sally Regenhard, the mother of firefighter Christian Regenhard, who was killed on 9/11, said: “This is the final insult and desecration of these 9/11 remains.” Read more at the New York Post.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. big deal any big museum has place to eat…it allows people to make a full day trip out of it…the intention has nothing to do with the memory of the victims.

  2. #1 totally disagree with you…any other museum’s cafe is not resting on human remains…think of the families & how hurtful this is; & the gift shop too is making a profit on a tragic & dark period in US history….

  3. This is indeed a choice of the museum curator I would think. It is not as if people do not eat. Also consider that minds without nourishment can be very ill. Some of the elderly and sick might need nourishment.

    Its quite uncanny if you want to really staple pain to remedied hope. But really, I think it is just the way museums operate. But maybe they will have an issue with the public if that is really a true war against religion.

    I think that you can certainly have a dinner where you are.

  4. So overblown this whole thing.
    I assume at ‘The Liberty Bell’ there are no cafes or novelty shops, what about Gettysburg?

    Its just sensationalist journalism.

    Sells newspapers.

  5. So overblown this whole thing.
    I assume at ‘The Liberty Bell’ there are no cafes or novelty shops, what about Gettysburg?

    Its just sensationalist journalism.

    Sells newspapers.

  6. #1:
    Do you know that Auschwitz has a gift shop and eatery, too? Do you think that’s appropriate?

    Something tells me that there is no shortage of places to eat in that area of Manhattan, that a restaurant had to be opened right there in the 9/11 museum.

  7. The 9/11 Museum doesn’t only get a gift shop and a restaurant but they also get free publicity! Thank you news outlets!

  8. I agree! who would be so stupid to put a restaurant in Auschwitz? It is a place of human sadness and suffering not a place to eat!
    The port authority cashed in on this tragedy by abusing the mental condition and emotional mantality of Sep 11 and now this!

  9. I can see the menu now….twin crusted chicken fillets with a pulpy red sauce oozing from every crevice. Maybe a plate dusted with a nice rub, and for dessert – a choice of rocky road, chocolate bombe, or a flaming baked Alaska

  10. # 2: you make it sound as if these venues are owned by relatives of Osama-bin-laden; who cares is someone is making money? And what is the disgrace of eating near somewhere where there are human remains?

    #9: This restaurant is not located in some anti-Semitic country in which people were massacred, it was the fact that it was terror perpetrated on home soil that made 9/11 such a catastrophic event. The fact that there is a venue to refresh oneself after a long day in Manhattan can only enhance the meaningfulness in the visit and make the message of the visit more available to young children. In addition no one is going into the gift shop to get something that makes light of the whole event but rather for a keepsake of a difficult time in American history.


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