Sick Monster Took Part In Tehillim for Leiby z”l


levi-aron2Levi Aron, the man charged with the brutal murder and dismemberment of 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky, underwent a psychiatric examination Friday night.  The murderer’s home at 466 East 2nd street in Kensington, Brooklyn, is still considered a crime scene. Aron lives with his uncle and his father, who owns the 3 story house.Kensington Investigators have dug up a part of the backyard for evidence, searching for any hints in the suspect’s history that would explain a motive for Leiby’s murder. Police sources say Aron’s family has said the suspect was in a car accident when he was 10 years old which changed his mental capacity. And in court Thursday, his defense attorney hinted that mental illness may have played a role.

Aron was working as a clerk in a hardware store near his home. Fellow employees said he came to work Tuesday, a day after the 8-year-old boy went missing. According to one of those employees, he even took part in the recital of Tehillim that Leiby would be found. And, sickingly, he even corrected the pronunciation of the Leiby’s name when it was mispronounced during a mi shebeirach said for Leiby.

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  1. please refrain from calling anyone–especially a jew–a “sick monster” until we at least know the outcome of his psychiatric evaluation. i am disappointed matzav would use such strong language against a fellow jew who obviously has serious neurological issues that unfortunately were not dealt with.

    “Kol hameracheim al haachzorim sofo yihiye achzar al harachmanim”

    No matter what his mental state was, he’s a sick monster!

  2. are you kidding , refrain from calling this guy sick? this guy deserve more than being called sick mental issues or not , this SICK loser is gonna rot, and hopefully get ripped apart in jail

  3. please refrain from calling anyone–especially a jew–a “sick monster” until we at least know the outcome of his psychiatric evaluation. i am disappointed matzav would use such strong language against a fellow jew who obviously has serious neurological issues that unfortunately were not dealt with.

  4. I knew that there will be those who will stick up for this madman, that
    We got to get things straight Chazal say “Ein merachmim al achzarim” and no matter what the reason he defenantly fits the term achzar..

  5. I second Anon’s call. And I urge Jews not to make up stories. If you know something, report it to the police, but only if it’s true. Don’t accuse Levi Aron for things he hasn’t done. He has plenty on his plate without some idiots’ claims.

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  7. If the Torah says about a Jewish murderer “ein lo domim”, then it behooves us to call this murderer a ‘sick monster’! Whom are you kidding, Anon??!! Get real!!

  8. I disagree to Anon (comment 1.)
    Yes, he is one Sick Monster ! The fact that he’s a Jew doesn’t change the fact that he’s one heartless & evil person ! Period !
    Give me a break !! How can you even think otherwise ?!?!?!

  9. @Anon. Sick is who says this guy is not sick. A monster is who says this guy is not a monster… use your brain don’t use ‘Rachmanos’ in the wrong place.

  10. Even they claim ‘ínnocent until proven guilty’, and even if/when this man is found guilty of everything that happened, dramatising a tragedy simply demeans it (not to mention that it totally takes H’ out of the picture)… it’s not as if people are going to think well of what he allegedly did that we need to use names to remind them – ‘Kol hameracheim’ is said regarding a spiritual threat that people might have the hava mina to play down, hardly the situation here…

    and to ‘a’ (number 14) true people are hurting but the correct reaction to that is cheshbon ha nefesh and trying to think what H’ wants from us, somehow I don’t think that cursing out the person who did this (if indeed he is a Yid) is on that list… rather than wishing for him to be ‘ripped apart’ we should wish for him to do teshuva (if he is mentally able) – and that’s not ‘sticking up for him’ or using rachmanus inappropriately!

    I still don’t believe a Jew is capable of such actions – if he isn’t halachically found to be a shoteh, he probably isn’t Jewish somehow

  11. The fact that this guy said tehillim and even corrected the mispronounciation of Leiby’s a”h name (and even clipped his beard) to me, indicates that he is not insane – because that is what a normal person would do to cover up, to show he has nothing to do with it. He obviously believed he could get away with it. That the mystery would remain unsolved. And in fact if it weren’t for the efforts of looking through all the videos, he may never have been discovered. Why he did it – that I can’t figure out. Violence is usually the result of terrible supressed anger that one does not have the maturity to deal with.
    I don’t understand this discussion of whether he should be called a monster or not – the important thing is to acknowledge that what he did is a most abhorant, cruel act and pray that this never happens again.

  12. dovid2 obviously doesnt know whats going on , Innocent until proven guilty? are you crazy , the guy had something in his freezer , yes ur right someone probably placed it there to frame him, and then made him admit to the killing, yes idiots are making up stories, wake up! its called evidence, its kind of hard to give this piece of junk benefit of the doubt , when he himself admit to the crime, and dont buy in to the whole insane junk becuz if he can live for 25 years after that accident and not commit a crime then hes obviously not insane, physco maybe.
    I wish they would have gave this guy a chance at bail , i personally would have payed the full amount just to have him released into the public so he can get exactly what he deserves, this guy is gonna be living a better life in prison then he was living out here.

  13. This Monster did this depraved act merely for Fame!
    He auditioned on American Idol as a desperate attempt to be noticed.
    It is well known that he told the police that he panicked when he noticed that a search was underway. The fact that he panicked displays the fact that he recognized what was happening and was not INSANE or DELUSIONAL or PSYCHOTIC at the time.
    This insane culture of running after FAME had created this monster.
    Ultimately,Aron finally got the fame he was craving and had taken an innocent Neshoma and bereaved family to help pay for his fame

  14. Sick usually denotes someone who has a mental illness or condition that impairs their judgement to a degree that they cannot perceive reality properly.
    However, there can be sick people that still retain a recognition of right an wrong. If this is the case with this guy, then even if he is ‘sick’, he can still be evil.
    But, there are some ‘sick’ people that completely lose their ability to distinguish between right and wrong; they cannot be judged on the same good/evil scale as the rest of us. Psychosis removes a person from reality to a degree that such actions as this are not considered wrong, or even extreme, to these people. Calling such a person evil is actually inaccurate. Because they just don’t understand that such actions are wrong. That is hard for people who simply need to lash out at this guy in anger for the horrible thing he did. It is always difficult to realize that they don’t have a target for their anger and need to blame.
    Aron can be guilty of the crime and still not be evil if his mental capacity is determined by professionals to be too sick to know better.
    So too, he can sick and still be aware that such actions are wrong.
    I, personally, don’t know the guy well enough to make such a determination. Maybe others here are in such a position to make this determination. If so, I would like to understand the factors involved.


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