Sick: Former CIA Chief Compares Trump’s Border Policies to Nazi Germany


Former CIA and NSA chief Michael Hayden today compared President Trump’s immigration policies to that of Nazi Germany in a Twitter post, the Daily Beast reports.

“Other governments have separated mothers and children,” Harden wrote next to a black-and-white photo of Auschwitz. Hayden has joined a growing chorus of criticism over the policy of separating migrant families at the border, which Trump has repeatedly blamed on Democratic lawmakers.

Following reports earlier this week that nearly 2,000 children were taken by immigration authorities in a period of six weeks, the archbishop of New York also came out against what he called an “un-American” policy. Cardinal Timothy Dolan on Friday slammed Attorney General Jeff Sessions for invoking the Bible to defend the practice, telling CNN, “I don’t think we should obey a law that goes against what God intends that you would take a baby, a child, from their mom.”

All these people should get a grip. And learn about the laws of immigration.



  1. Another example of just how incredibly dishonest the left is, and how even stupider the public is in buying this evil nonsense. Nobody is separating anyone against their will. if they’d like to go back to their country of origin with their children that’s perfectly fine. If they want to come to the USA legally with their children that’s perfectly fine. Nobody is being expelled from their homes, rounded up in cattle cars, and gassed or shot or beaten to death. Mr. Hayden, you’re either incredibly stupid or incredibly evil. You know what, probably both.

  2. Is it the job of a FORMER CIA chief to stab a sitting President in the back? Where is the loyalty of a fellow government employee?

    • The CIA Mafia cannot digest that their presidential candidate they’ve been installing in the white house by fraud for dozens of years (i.e. Bush, Clinton, Obama, etc.) did not work out this time in the 2016 election. They did not expect only 12% of Americans to vote for Hillary. The CIA are eating themselves up that they prepared too little fraud.

      What bothers the CIA about Trump is that he’s not ready to be their puppet like the previous presidents, hence their name calling and stabbing of President Trump.

      • Only 12% of Americans? Our friendly conspiracy theorist is forgetting his claims. It used be that 80% of American really voted for Trump, now it’s 88!. Soon he will tell us that Hillary only got 1 vote, her own, and every one else voted for Trump!

        • When will you sheeple start reading real news instead of devouring propaganda from fake news?

          Get a calculator: FYI 81% voted for Trump, another 7% for Jill Stein and Gary Johnson combined, leaving Hillary a measly 12%. Any additional votes she “received” were all fraud, including illegals and dead votes.

        • 12% of the population is homeless Bums. That’s who voted for Hillary. Normal working people voted for Donald Trump who will be our President for the next 7 years. Hahahahahahahaha.


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