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Yisroel PidesayevBy Yisroel Pidesayev, Shuvu Beit Shemesh

I always say that my last name should be Shuvu. No, seriously, they have taken care of me since I’m 7 yearsold! I started in Shuvu Beit Shemesh when I was in 2nd grade. By the time high school rolled around, I felt that I was ready for Yeshiva. My parents blew their top and refused to hear of it. We compromised on Shuvu’s high school in Jerusalem. I graduated and switched to Kiryat Noar in Bayit Vagan, a program affiliated with the IDF.

At 19 I was fully Shomer Shabbat and I yearned to finally go to a real Yeshiva. I ultimately explained to my parents that I am old enough to be independent and choose my way of life. I enrolled in Yeshivat Tiferet Shraga. It was a big step. I thank Hashem for making me strong enough to take it and for Shuvu for holding my hand through it.

My parents are still upset. They see it as rejection and rebellion. They worry about how I will support my family. They have not accepted my decision even though they see how happy I am. It is difficult to explain to people that don’t have Emunah and Bitachon in Hashem how it all works.

Shuvu took such good care of me that they even provided me with my better half! My new wife, Noah, also went to Shuvu Beit Shemesh and Shuvu married us off just a few weeks ago! They are the only family support either of us have. I really owe my entire life to Shuvu, both Olam Hazeh and Olam Habah, so thank you again for everything.

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Shuvu is now celebrating its 25th Anniversary since its founding in 1990 by Horav Avrohom Pam zt”l. Over that period there have been many challenges to overcome, but, also a tremendous amount of nachas as we see Rav Pam’s dreams being fulfilled. is proud to present a series of nachas stories told in first person by the participant themselves so that you can see for yourself what Shuvu has been able to accomplish with your help. 

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  1. Mazel tov! May you be zoche to build a bayis neeman b’Yisrael, and may your parents be granted the koach and wisdom to enjoy the nachas.


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