Shul In Beit Shemesh Vandalized After Mayoral Elections


Mispallelim arriving to Shacharis  at the Beis Mordechai shul in Beit Shemesh discovered to their amazement that vandals had attacked the front door, ripped out the mezuzah and smashed the windows

For the time being, no suspects have been arrested, but members of the community believe that marginal elements, which were stoked by the elections, caused them to commit the criminal act.


In a stunning win, Aliza Bloch beat incumbent Abuatal in Tuesday’s mayoral election.



    • Please learn the truth before posting stupidity. The vandals were charadim upset that some of the charadim parted with daat Torah recommendation and voted for the dati lumi canadate. And we’re taking revenge on those who voted for the dati lumi canadate.

  1. As written in many seforim, and as stated by many sofrim, the threat to Klall Yisroel during this last stage of Galus Edom will not be from without (Iran, Russia, or even Nationalists), but rather from within. The final threat will be aimed, not on our Jewish bodies, but rather on our Jewish souls.

  2. had Charedim been less concerned for their ruchnius
    and more concerned with the ruchnius collectively of others ,the present situation have Not in all probability come to pass( I mean in terms of real ruchnius ,Rather than what some are now contriving it to mean )

    Piece of advice:
    Don’t worry about Those frothing ‘religious coercion’As they will most assuredly.Many will probably jump in right now and say ” that was precisely the problem” which is disingenuous
    There is but little which on surface as difficult And bring forth as much howling,
    however in the long run reap the most for all


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