Showing Hakaras Hatov (VIDEO)


For over 10 years Chasdei Lev has been showing Hakaras Hatov to the Rabbeim of our children.

This year the bar was raised.

Over 3,100 Rabbeim and their families, from Brooklyn all the way west to Denver, north to Toronto and south to Florida participated in this massive Kiddush HaShem. Each family, with the help of their Yeshivos, manufacturers and Khal Yisroel received over $2,700 retail value of goods for Pesach at a fraction of the cost.


  1. Do you know what a Rebbeh hates to hear from a school admin when he goes into the office to ask for a raise? The dreaded sentence, “There are currently 28 other Yungerleit desperately waiting for your job”.
    The problem is, supply and demand, to many yungerleit want to become Rebbes. The higher the supply the lower the price.
    A normal decent wage-earner does not get a box of eggs from his boss, he gets enough money to do respectful shopping.


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