Video: Yeshiva Torah Vodaath Celebrates 100th Anniversary of its Founding


The legendary founders, Reb Binyomin Wilhelm and Rav Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz established Torah Vodaath amid much opposition; it was felt that Yeshivos were appropriate for Lithuania and Poland, not New York. These great leaders persevered and successfully established Torah on these shores.

Torah Vodaath inspired the vision for every American Yeshiva that followed. A century later it is universally recognized that a true Torah education is the single most important factor in Jewish continuity. The 100-year milestone of Torah Vodaath is a celebration for Torah communities across America.

The Commemorative Centennial Book, “America’s Yeshiva” will encapsulate a century of Torah growth portraying the history, memoirs, and impact of Yeshiva Torah Vodaath.

You can be part of this historic project by sharing stories, pictures, videos, and personal memories for this Commemorative Book. Please contact Rabbi Yitzchok Diamond at or 718-941-8000 x240 or Rabbi Yitzchok Gottdiener at or 718-941-8000×210.


  1. I attended Torah Vedas (my spelling) in late 40’s- early 50’s when in Williamsburg.o
    Is there a roster of students under Rabi Rivlin?
    I know Cantor Sol Zim and Kiss rock star Gene Simmons (Chaim witz) and Steve I also attended.

  2. Before it became popular I was one of the first kids from a divorced dysfunctional family. Barely aware of being Jewish and spending my earliest years with Virginia redneck Christian families, my single parent dad in his infinite wisdom placed me at the Mesivta Torah Vodaath dormitory at 141 S. third St. in Williamsburg. This was in the late forties, same time as you. At age 11 I suspect I was much younger than you, with a much more challenged Hebrew education. I had to walk to Misivta’s Wilson St. Annex for Hebrew classes with even younger kids learning aleph beth. My memory of Rabbi Rivlin is not one of a teacher but principal caretaker of several floors of dormitory kids mostly ages early teens to young men training for the rabbinate. In my later older years, I’ve often wondered how he managed to control us all. He sure knew every time I tried to skip a service at the Bas Midrash. Sorry I can’t help you with the other issues you raised. It was a pleasure to see your mention of Rabbi Rivlin’s name. Should you learn any information I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. I occasionally make a donation, and have recently been getting information requesting alumni contact the yeshiva . I was only there two or three years, and have little to offer. I do have the address in Israel of an older friend who last I heard was a Rabbi in Israel. it is Hertzel Schechter, 16 KFAR IVRE, Jerusalem Israel, 97472. Good luck. My e-mail should you wish to keep in touch is… I’m not puter smart, but my phone number is 954-731-8121 Sam Frost (shepsi)


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