Shomron Resident’s Photographs Show Arabs Faking ‘Price Tag’ Attacks


shomron-staged-attackA Shomron resident has reportedly documented that Arabs in the area have been damaging local property and then reporting it to Israeli authorities as “price tag” attacks carried out by right-wing Jews. The 27-year-old anonymous Israeli activist documented such incidents with the help of IS, a legal and security consulting firm. Recently, the Samaria resident had photographed a group of Arabs who were chopping down dozens of olive trees.

“This is not pruning carried out after the harvest, in which smaller branches are cut off,” said the Samaria resident, identified as “K” by Israel National News. “They chopped down the trees at the trunk.”

The Samaria resident had been arrested on suspicion of carrying out a price tag attack. According to Ari Kaniel, director of IS, the Arabs “take the wood for use as firewood and then run to the press and say that the settlers carried out a price tag attack… We were sure that they would do this, and in fact, K went back to the same spot this morning and found that they had written ‘price tag’ in yellow paint on an olive tree and on a rock.”

“The photographs show that the Israel Police have been persecuting K unjustifiably for a long time, while in actuality, it was the Arabs who framed him,” said attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir of Honenu, an NGO assisting Jews accused of nationalist crimes. View the pictures here.


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  1. Live u weak people of little faith stand up for what we once were yes the torah says we will not take the land by force but where does it say that we should be push overs for the world to mock ridicule and scapegoat us at every chance they get.


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