Shomer Shabbos Gasoline Company


Many chareidim in Israel are particular to only patronize gas stations that observe Shabbos. Until now, not one of the fifteen companies that supply gas stations and other companies with gasoline was shomer Shabbos. Two grandsons of Rav Yaakov Halpern, founder of Bnei Brak’s Zichron Meir neighborhood who fought for public Shabbos observance in Bnei Brak, have founded a new company, Halpern Energy, which will hopefully fill the gap.

“The gasoline we supply will be untainted by chillul Shabbos from start to finish, from the time it is taken from the sea until it reaches its final customer,” said company founders Yaakov and Dovid.

The brothers are negotiating with bus companies, hospitals, bakers and factories that serve the chareidi public as well as with mikvaos and yeshivos.

Rav Chaim Kanievsky told the two, “People should certainly be particular about this.”

{ Israel News}


  1. Must be a late Purim joke. No way to ensure no chillul Shabbos from extraction to pump. This isn’t harvesting wheat or producing wine from grapes. Unless of course they plan on extracting and refining it themselves; highly unlikely. Sounds like a way to line the pockets of the Vaad H’Kasharut.

  2. aren’t these people behind the popular glasses chain? think they actually competed with one another for several years…


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