Sholom Mordechai: They Should Be Crying for What They Are Doing


rubashkin1Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin has moved on, his attorney said, and is focused on his appeal after being sentenced today to 27 years in prison.

“He’s calm and at peace,” Rubashkin’s attorney Guy Cook said after the sentencing. “He knows this is one stop on a long road. He’s a very optimistic man.”

Leah Rubashkin said it was the support of friends and family that “has really been the oxygen that has kept us going.

Sholom Mordechai  waved at two rows of friends and family in the courtroom as he came in wearing an orange jail jumpsuit with his hands cuffed and arms chained.

“Why is she crying?” he asked someone in the gallery. “You should be crying? They should be crying for what they are doing.”

Sholom Mordechai remained calm during his sentencing today in U.S. District Court, but said to chaveirim that the hearing would “show the wickedness of these people.”

The prosecution in its press conference barely mentioned the possibility of an appeal. They wanted to clear up “misinformation” given by the defense for two years and lay out the facts of the case.

Cook said the grounds for appeal will focus on the charges, how the case was tried and the excessive sentencing.

“That livestock charge has never been brought against anyone in the 88 years it’s been in law,” Cook said. “No one has ever been charged criminally with it. I think because it’s defective.”

He also said the fraud charges shouldn’t have never been separated out as bank, wire and mail fraud because they all the same charge, accusing the same conduct.

Cook said the way the case was handled is another grounds for appeal. Reade separated the cases, financial from immigration to not unduly influence the other but the prosecution used the immigration charges as evidence in proving their financial case, he said.

“We moved for a mistrial – it poisoned the case – but she denied it,” Cook said.

Cook said the fact that Sholom Mordechai received a life sentence, an “unfair and unjust” sentence, is also a grounds for appeal.

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  1. this is a wake up call to all of us. They hate us all – all the jews and he is nebech the culprit.
    This sentencing is all about Anti semitism. Nothing more, nothing less. We are all in danger in this country under the Obama Administation.
    As they say, America is the last stop in this Golus. I think this case makes it clear that we are almost at the end -Moshiach is very close.

  2. Miracles happen when we are not ready for it we will sit back and wait for the right moment that its ment to happen it must be some kind of a favor for him its from heaven we cant understand but the miracle will explain

  3. What about the conflict of interest? Judge Reade authorized the raid on Agri therefore she should NOT have been the one to try the case.I think this should also be brought out in the appeal. May Hashem release him soon.

  4. I am not surprised that this Reshante did what she did. After all, she must be a bas natzim, yemach shemoh and yemach shemom vezichom. What would you expect of such a low-life?
    We might have lost the battle, but we will win the war. Vehashem Ya’azor.

  5. those judges who made this sentence will have a huge nasty stain on their names. They took justice and used it as an anti semetic weapon


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