SHOCKING: Watch: How Certain Jews Celebrated Rosh Hashanah In 2017




  1. SHOCKING: Look how other Jews are spending their Aseres Yemei Teshuvah! Degrading fellow Yidden. Correct your misdeeds before offering advice to others. And certainly don’t degrade Yidden!

    • That’s not degrading (how many are kehalacha?)Yiden, but degrading avoida zora that these congregants vorship. Please learn to differentiate between degrading kfira and avoida zora and degrading another Yid personally.

  2. This is nothing new. When you don’t have a mesorah, you continue to seek more and more “meaningful” ways to celebrate a “religion”.

    The people are tinokos shenishbu. The clergy are meisis umeidi’ach. And who knows how many of them are hallachically Jewish.

  3. Nothing new. These are the reform and conservative heretical sects. Notice that on their suppose to be busiest day of the year,their temple is not full.

  4. We need to see this so we have a perspective about what we are fighting against. When we hear Reform ” Jewry” is trying to change the Status Quo at the Holiest Site in Judaism, we should understand who they are and what kind of ” Judaism” they practice so that we should be up in arms about their intentions as opposed to just sit passively .

  5. This is 100% not Judaism, the people running it at Reshaim, and it is definitely muttar and probably a mitzvah to make fun of it (Leitzanusa d’Avoda Zara).

    That being said, the video is full of pritzus and does not belong on Matzav.

  6. why post this?
    answer: for some its good to see whats “out there”, how far our (supposed to be) brothers and sisters are drifting away from the torah way-beautiful way
    and inspire us to daven for them or do more outreach
    for others its to amuse, esp since some arent even jewish
    and also to appreciate how much closer our uman brothers etc are to us and other shomrei mitzvos who arent EXACTLY like us

  7. Surprised at the content of this video. A man an woman dancing, seriously? But it’s entertaining. Dunno what religion they practice, but they do seem very confused!

  8. Post # 16, by Anonymous, is right!
    We’re obligated to love every Yid; this just makes it so much tougher. This helps us to appreciate all the more how the Torah’dige eay if life is so valuable and these sad Jews have nothing! Let’s act better so that they want yo joun “OUR” Torah’dige way!

  9. Now I understand all my options in judaism and I can make an informed decision. Thank you!
    P.S. Their rosh hashana definitely looks more exciting than ours

  10. The most egregious thing of all, that nobody commented on, was that the entire video was taken in their “shul” on Rosh Hashana! That’s because the news reporter mentioned that in the afternoon, they would have shofar blowing. Afar l’puma!

  11. Frankly, I watched this without the sound on because I was listening to a shiur on doing teshuva while I was watching it, but, what I saw looked more like entertainment at a circus than Rosh Hashono services. Having a male and female dance together is an abomination even more so that it was in a “house of worship”.


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