Is Israel a Democracy? Sickening and Shocking Video Testimony from Migron Destruction


migronReposted from yesterday by request: [Shocking video below.] The late night raid and demolition of three homes in the community of Migron earlier this week was off limits to photographers. The film put together by residents who managed to record the event shows why.

Arutz Sheva comments: It didn’t have to happen at all, and it certainly did not have to happen this way.

And what is most sad, is that Peace Now probably considers it a victory.

But no one was the victor. Not the government of Israel, not Defense Minister Ehud Barak who hopes to get electoral points from the left, not the brutal policemen, not the right who justifiably villifies the Netanyahu government for letting it happen.

Everyone lost. No Zionist, no matter what side of the fence, wants to see what is seen on this video occur in Israel. Where does one start the litany of egregious crassness in the Jewish State?

All of Migron has been declared illegal by a recent Supreme Court decision, with a date for destruction. The infrastructure there was built with government aid. Their research was either faulty or non existent.

Arabs had filed suit with the help and encouragement of Peace Now.

There was no attempt by the government to arrange payment for the land once the ‘problems’ came to light, although this is the way so much of Israel was acquired, because the Palestinian Authority, our “peace partners” have made that punishable by death.

The land was never worked or lived on by anyone. Some of it was parcelled out to landowners by the Jordanian government from its store of unclaimed properties.

The suit by Peace Now was filed in 2006 — but the attorney general’s office never checked the claims on the land.

In October 2008, Palestinians aided by the leftist “Yesh Din” organization sued for damages from the state for delaying the removal of the town, and then the state actually responded that their claims to land ownership are not proven.

While the suit on all of Migron was pending, two Arabs claimed ownership of the land on which three houses had been built after the first suit was filed.

Theatre of the absurd: One of the Arabs involved in the suit claimed lot 7 was his and brought documents to prove it in court. The legal adviser for the Shomron (Samaria) Regional Council showed that none of the disputed homes was on lot 7 and the Arab withdrew his suit.

There was a government offer, when the problems surfaced, to relocate the community to a suburb to be built near the town of Adam.

Some residents, including the Council for Judea and Samaria, felt that the government offer should be accepted if the government let MIgron stay as is until the suburb was completely ready for residence. Building would take years, and anyway, many things could change by then, they argued.

Other residents were afraid that moving any community would be a precedent for dismantling others. They did not trust the government to keep its promise. The offer for Adam was rejected. The surprise night destruction — after promises there would be advance notice so the children could be away from home (to minimize the trauma) — strengthens that point of view.

The court ruled that all of Migron, houses built with citizens’ hard earned money, is to be dismantled by a specified date in 2012, but someone in power decided to destroy the three last-built houses right away.

Afraid of the reaction, the forces of destruction came by surprise in dead of night.

So there were no provisions made in advance for shelter for families with young children before they were thrown out of their homes in the dark of night.

No one in power cared about the psychological harm to the young Jewish children, who could not be sent away with the timing of the destruction a surprise.

Click below to watch:

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{Arutz Sheva}

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  1. This was a little of a set up! The settlers knew that this day was coming. They had plenty of time to get out in advance. They don’t look that upset considering what’s going on! Where are all the husbands? Something is very fishy with this video! Whether you like it or not, there are rules in that Country that have to be followed! If you don’t like it, vote the leaders out & put someone who agree’s with you, in power.

  2. dragging people from there homes in the middle of the night?!?!?
    I never agreed with the people that called Israeli police-Nazis. But now I’ve changed my mind.
    As my Grandfather (who himself was kindly asked to leave Israel) said, “Israel is a communist country, and don’t let anyone kid you that it is not”
    The Brisker Rav said that Zionism will end within 50 years. Well it certainly has.

  3. It seems that the police did show restraint. Only when they were charged did they push back. Although it was troumatic for the residents, the women seem to strike me as devious! Just my opinion.

  4. remember shulamit aloni? it is people like her who are causing Israeli’s to G-dlessly turn on their own people. Those fools…..the Arabs and anti Israels in the world will not care about those Peace Now people who are aimlessly and mistakenly being lost souls with no foresight and no spirit. This is why Chabad and kiruv groups are so badly needed. Because one can be pro-Israel, but without the spirit of HaShem Echod, it is hard to believe and have the same koach and impact. We have to all try hard to do what we can. If we cannot do the kiruv, then we must save money and donate it to those who can, we must do Ahavas Yisroel, learn how to do that more, and better, and keep finding ways to move on in the ways of the Torah which is how we got Eretz HaKodesh in the first place.
    am yisroel CHAI vekayom. MI K’AMCHA YISROEL, GOY ECHOD B’ARETZ> we must live up to that. I beg you all, try to stretch your “ahavas yisroel muscle” NOW

  5. The officers their are known for brutality and acting as animals especially against religious Jews. As the Brisker Rav said, Tzionim chashudim al r’tzicha.

  6. To those who keep on top of the news in E.Y., this is not surprising. Just read the latest of what’s happening in Israel on (a religious nationalist news website). Israel now uses what they call yassamniks for brutal treatment on any of the residents in Yehudah/Shomron. They are either arabs, mercenaries or Russians, but not real Jews. We need to realize that since Oslo, Israel’s actions have become more like the nations; their goal is to make it a ‘country of all its citizens’, r’l, and not a Jewish country. In these last two decades, it has literally been run by the erev rav with a supreme court that is even worse. This is all leading to our Geulah and B’H, for those wonderful Jews settling the land and more and more religious young men serving in the IDF where they will become the majority, bezrat Hashem.

  7. Now all you pro Israelis like Matzav
    Get to know the garbage Israel you keep on praising like crazy.
    Interesting to see how you guys are 1 day pro Israel like crazy, the next day you all become Briske.

  8. A lot of you need to brush up on your holocaust history. The nazis did a lot more than drag yiden from homes they deemed to be illegal. Read up you for a very depressing surprise. Is the idf bad? Maybe, but nazis? Not if you know anything about the nazis.


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