Shocking Video: Hungarian Mayor Holds Mock Public Execution Of Israeli Leaders


execution-of-israeli-leaders[Video below.] A mayor of a rural town in eastern Hungary held a mock medieval-style public execution of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and former president Shimon Peres in order to protest Israel’s military operation against Hamas in Gaza.

According to a video posted online, Erpatak Mayor Mihaly Zoltan Orosz, who hails from the neo-Nazi Hungarian Jobbik Party, is seen standing in a traditional Hungarian costume with effigies of Netanyahu and Peres hanging behind him. After reading an anti-Israel speech, a man wearing the black hood of an executioner kicks out chairs holding the effigies, marking the Israeli leaders’ executions.

The Hungarian Foreign Ministry condemned the mock execution, saying, “The mayor has used the conflict in Gaza and its innocent victims as an excuse to spread hate-inducing propaganda.”

As is the case in the rest of Europe, anti-Semitism has been on the rise in Hungary. The Jobbik Party came in third in Hungary’s parliamentary elections in April.


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  1. I understand it. He feels bad for the arabs, their losing over a thousand people. He does not mention anything about Israel being attacked.
    It’s horrible.

  2. Why jews would live in blood covered Europe is beyond me The eurpoeans have always been the biggest antisemites what r the jews there waiting for another (I don’t wanna repeat the name of the event that affected) another copy of what happened to our 6 million jews ish anscestors LEAVE EUROPE!

  3. Terror has a new friend. The Hungarian Jobbik Party is a privilege for the tardy and tardy for their privilege. This is disgusting and if you think that World War 2 wont happen again, look at the genuine discontents in Europe today. They are only protected from war by the righteous gentiles who hopefully have more control over the day than in 1940. This is horrible. Never Again.

  4. They wouldn’t give him a part in his fourth grade play, so he is making up for it now. He always said he would be on stage one day.


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