Shocking: NYPD Officer Forces Yid to Write On Shabbos Under Threat of Arrest for Crossing Against Light


nypdA frum man was issued a summons this past Friday night in the heart of Flatbush and was ordered by a New York City police officer to write his name – on Shabbos – after he explained that he wasn’t carrying any identification, has learned exclusively.

  The incident took place at the intersection of Kings Highway and East 15th Street in the Gravesend section of Faltbush, Brooklyn. The yungerman was surprised to be stopped by an officer after crossing the street and was asked to present ID. The frum man explained that because it was Shabbos, he wasn’t carring any form of identification – or anything at all.

The officer, from the nearby 61st precinct, responded that unless the man could present proper identification, he would be arrested. The man once again tried to explain that Orthodox Jews do not carry anything on Shabbos, but his argument fell on deaf ears.

After some back-and-forth, the man told the officer that he lives one block away and that he can present his identification at his home. The officer refused to join him at his home and said that, instead of presenting ID, he’d permit the man to write down his name and other information on a piece of paper, and he would administer the ticket in that fashion. Once again, the Yid explained that it was Shabbos, a day on which it is forbidden for a Jew to write. The officer became irate and threatened, “Either you write it down or you’ll be under arrest.”

The man, having no choice, and with his hands shaking, promptly wrote down his information and was told that if he moves, he would be arrested. He was given a summons and the officer, with his partner, sped away, leaving the man stunned at what had just occurred.

Last night, the man contacted various askonim and apprised them of what occurred. An investigation has been undertaken by the NYPD to determine why the incident occurred the way it did, why a summons was issued for a violation that is rarely, if ever, enforced, and why the officer reacted the way he did.

Further details and the reaction of communal activists will be posted as they become available.

{Yossi Newscenter}


  1. Where’s Dov Hiking and David Greenfield when you need them? I know it’s not their district, but so what? Where’s the outcry?

  2. a very strange story.
    i never heard of anyone getting a tickt for crossing against a lkight or J walking. sounds crazy. and why couldnt they just let the guy go, i mean come on

  3. Don’t officers get any sensitivity training? Especially in a heavy Jewish area
    don’t they know that observant Jews have the Sabbath?

  4. Amazing. Just two weeks ago there was a Shabbos amrch right at that spot! And here this officer causes chilul shabbosn right at that spot! What irony!

  5. This is all part of Mayor Bloomy’s nonstop ticketing campaign and we all voted the guy in. this is what happens. sick and getting sicker

  6. Jaywalking is a very serious crime. Linda Reade would put you away for 15 years at least for such a horrific crime. Shreklach. What an awful crime. What a danger to society.

  7. Just so no-one is mislead by this story, it is probably worth stating that the halaha is quite clear that it is assur to write on Shabbos EVEN at the risk of being arrested
    ‘she-lo navo ledei nisayon’

  8. arent they supposed to be educated in the different religions and cultures? That was really very cruel not to double check with the base to find out about his claim of being shomer shabbos.
    thats just plain insensitive and maybe worse.

  9. Nebach that this Yis was MECHALEL SHABBOS when he didn’t really have to! and did so in a circomstance that would become very public! what a Chilul Hashem. I hope he at least did it with a Shinuy…

  10. #16, Oh and in Eretz Yisrael all is fine and dandy with the police there, right ? I hate to break it to you, but you are in golut in Ertez Yisrael as well.

  11. This is what you get with Lord Mike! He has created this hostile environment where officers look at citizens like we are evil & must be taught constant lessons! To all you you fools who voted for this law breaker, look where your Chaniffa has gotten you!

  12. The yungerman should have told him “either you write down the information that I give you, or accompany me to my home which is nearby. Those are your 2 choices. I am not permitted to write on the Sabbath, and I will not do so. Here in America there is freedom of religion, and you are in violation of my rights. I can assure you that this issue will not end here.”

  13. Many lubavitcher chassidim in russia in the ’20’s 40’s 50’s got arested for not letting their KIDS go to school (without writing), where is basic mesiras nefesh???
    in crown heights (in 1983)someone got arested for not willing to sign a paper to police, and caused a riot

  14. Very
    Sad it shows you what america is comming to its like the pre world war 2 things that you ive herad from the people who went through it in america its going from worse to worse

    WE NEED TESHUVA!!!!!!!

  15. #16…you must be kidding.
    You mean the golus is only in America?The jews in Eretz Yisroel are free?Moshiach already came to you people in the promised land? What are you talking about? As a matter of fact, you are probably feeling the golus much more than we, here, in America are. Every day you are confronted with such evil, it’s mamesh unbelievable and to think that it is our own that are inflicting it on you…..what golus that is!!!!!!
    Wherever we are, we are in golus…until the final redemption and in the ingathering of our people, we will suffer endlessly….
    May we be zoicha bekorav to a real freedom….begashmios and beruchnios.

  16. Don’t be so quick to judge him. We all have a mitzva of being dan l’chaf zchus. It’s possible he was afraid that his family would get so nervous when he didn’t return home and that this was more preferable. And maybe he did it with a shinuy. When in such a situation it’s also much harder to think clearly. But don’t jump to judge him without having been in his place.

  17. Indeed a very strange incident for many reasons, ticket for j- walking, nypd usually very familiar with orthodox jews and shabbos, etc etc,

    But to say come to LAKEWOOD??? there have been worse stories in ‘heilige lakewood’.
    and even ‘lihavdil’ in EY, i would venture to say that there has been more chillul shabbos forced by the police in YERUSHALAYIM than by the police in flatbush, BP.

    The details of this incident indeed are curious, but Rabosai, let us not forget wherever we are:

    ‘Mir zenen in galus’

  18. I am not the Chaya – EY who wrote comment #16, I am another one (Chaya is my middle name) – but I must tell her, living here – regardless of the fact that until Moshiach comes, we in EY are just as in golus as anyone else – if you think that here in EY there is no coercing people to write on Shabbos in all kinds of circumstances, think again. I know of more than one occasion in which people were either taken to a hospital or in an ambulance and were put under immense pressure to write on Shabbos.

  19. That’s what happens when all the leaders go to a convention. Nobody home to keep an eye on things.

    But seriously, Lekaf Zechus, he has now served as a learning example for others who may be of the same nature.

  20. If he would have been arrested, he would have been handcuffed, thrown into a police car, and the family would not know a thing until who knows what hour in the morning.
    I feel bad for the Yid. Trust me, he did not want to be oiver an aveirah. He was tzutumult.
    Anyone would be.
    What we have to do here is get rid of these cops. Let other cops know we will not stand for this.

  21. hey #43 “golstien”

    YES writing on shabbos is assur d’oraiso and one is prob ‘mechuyav’ to sit in jail for a few hrs. to avoid it.

    But MAYBE he thought that under the circumstances it was muttar in which case he PEHAPS would only be a shogeg.
    or MAYBE he did it with a shinui in which case it its PERHAPS muttar under circumstance.

    dont be so quick to judge

  22. wow! this incident has shaken me to the core! i hope that there will be a strong reaction if the officer isnt strongly repremanded!!!

  23. Actually, it is not prohibited by Torah law since it is a “malachah sheana tzrecha lgoofo,” analogous to Rashi’s example of carrying out adead body on Shabbos (I think).

  24. To be dan lkaf zchus, (which I am about a frum yid) he probably wrote with a shinui which mitigates the issur dioraysa. He probably had a real fear of going to jail on a trumped up charge of resisting arrest, assault of a police officer you can name it (which I have personal knowledge of police doing on other occasions). We are mechallel shabbos to be mekayem pidyon shvuyim and bail a Jew out even in the USA. Tefisa is considered SAKANOS NEFASHOS. The police hold all the cards and can say what ever they want. They are a dangerous entity to deal with when its one persons word against the police.
    It is incumbent on the tzibbur to organize a protest in front of the 61st precinct
    2575 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11223, in order impress on the NYPD that we will not let their ticket quotas trample on Shabbos.

  25. this is only the beginning in this country. elect obama anothr 4 years and this will seem like nothing at all. where ar all the “liberals” or do they only cry out for the illegal hispanics and muslim terroriss who want to build mosques at ground zero??? shame on all the liberals!

  26. Jaywalking is a misdemeanor and Jewish people are NOT exempt from its consequences.

    If you can’t do the time, then don’t do the crime.

  27. .Mr emmert is a big talmud chacham who is al toira veavoda most of his waking he probably felt that at least he was in a suffik pikuach nefesh.let’s assess the situation.standing before him are two bullvanes armed with guns ,battons,and muscle.already violating protocol and obviously acting with a heavy attitude of delightfull bias ,and obviously refusing to call their seargent for guidense,most likely he was in a beat down danger .mr emmert get yourself a good lawyer you probably will be able to learn for the rest of your life.

  28. Any way he crossing in middle of street on very busy kingshighway where many people are hit by vehicle,he should have cross at cross walk and especially on holiday weekend with all drunks driving.

  29. TO # 16:
    If you move to Eretz Yisroel, you go from golus to galut which is no big difference as seem from the stories coming out of galut lately.


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