Shock Study: Cancer-Causing Chemical Found In Soft Drinks


sodaThere was a warning issued today about the soft drinks you and your children may be consuming every day.

Consumer Reports says some of them contain a possible cancer-causing chemical, CBS 2’s Dr. Max Gomez reported.

The issue is with the caramel coloring in many soft drinks. It is what gives them their brown color. Some contain a possible human carcinogen.

Why is it in there? Can it be removed and what can you do to protect yourself? Here’s what you need to know:

Cola is one of the most popular soft drinks in the country, but now a study from Consumer Reports says that the caramel coloring additive that gives cola – and many other soft drinks – its brown color, can contain a harmful chemical called 4-methylimidazole, or 4-MEI.

“It was in fact … definitely causes cancer in animal studies. The International Agency for Research on Cancer has also classified 4-MEI as a possible human carcinogen,” Dr. Urvashi Rangan said.

As Dr. Gomez reported, 4-MEI is a byproduct when caramel color is manufactured, but it’s not in all caramel coloring and amounts vary widely in caramel-colored drinks, even when the same brands were tested just a few months apart.

“Coke came in at a negligible cancer level at one can of Coke. That said, we found other manufacturers – like Pepsi – really quite a lot higher than Coke,” Dr. Rangan said. “Malta Goya, which is a Hispanic soft drink, was actually at 300 or more micrograms per 12-ounce serving.”

Read more at CBS NEW YORK.

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  1. Why drink soda at all? It has no food value. If you want to make yourself sick, try reading the ingredients panel of your favorite soda. Switch to 100% juice or even – water!. Yes, plain old water, not even from a plastic bottle. Just that stuff that people used to drink back in the shtetl.

  2. This is not new. A year ago both soda companies said they were going to consider eliminating these chemicals because they needed to post warnings on the bottles.

  3. This is not new. A year ago both soda companies said they were going to consider eliminating these chemicals because they needed to post warnings on the bottles.

  4. finally someone is realizing how dangerous all these soft drinks are!! all these people finally come to the realization a little to late when the health people realized it a while ago. it’s not a chiddush.

  5. Many chemicals are carcinogenic, the effect depends on the dose and the frequency of absorption! also grilled steaks contain carcinogenic products – do we stop eating steaks?

  6. Is there anything that’s not dangerous, for cryin out loud!??
    C’mon, let’s get real! The next thing is we’ll find out that this study was indeed commiss!ioned by some water otherwise natural soft drink company. If Bloomberg didn’t ‘aasur’ it for that reason, it can’t be that bad!
    Go enjoy Oineg Shabbos!

  7. This is an argument for getting contaminants out of food. It’s not an argument for drinking water, being a health nut, or avoiding commercial food production.

  8. Years ago, the only time people drank sodas (except for seltzer), especially the children, were at birthday parties and gatherings. No one drank soda because people ate well, drank tea and coffee after meals, and cold water and seltzer for cold drinks. Men drank beer and that’s it. Children don’t even know what healthy and good food and drink are – just clueless!


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