Shock: L.I. Caterers Accused Of Serving Treif at Hundreds of Simchos


temple-beth-torahMelville, NY – According to the general manager and chef of Morrell Caterers on Long Island, people paid a premium for Kosher foods at over 200 weddings, bar and bas mitzvahs, and other events, but everything was tainted.

“Those same tables, those same pots and pans, those same platters and utensils that were used for Kosher foods were also used to prepare the non-Kosher events as well,” said general manager Tom Cataldo.

Cataldo, who has been general manager since 1997, and chef Micheal Savitsky are suing the owner of the catering company, Scott Morrell.

They say it has been going on for a year and a half and want to force Morrell to stop tainting the food.

Cataldo says he was getting sick inside.

Cataldo told WCBS 880 reporter Sophia Hall the owner was trying to cut corners by not having a separate kitchen for Kosher and non-Kosher foods.

“We would have our Kosher foods stored and next to it a bucket of shrimp,” said Cataldo.

Cataldo also claims Morrell poured cheaper alcohol into empty high-end liquor bottles and sold them at premium prices.

“I have never violated any Kashrut rules ever,” said Morell.

Morrell’s attorney claims the lawsuit has nothing to due with being Kosher, but with his involvement in a separate $18 million lawsuit.

Morrell Caterers operates at Temple Beth Torah in Melville, Temple Israel in Lawrence, and the Woodbury Jewish Center in Woodbury.

Rabbi Raphael Adler of the Woodbury Jewish Center told CBS2′s Carolyn Gusoff that if the allegations are true then it is an act of betrayal.

“We are shocked and it’s disgusting and its come to us as a complete surprise,” he said.

Workers claim that the betrayal may have gone beyond food. They say that top shelf liquor bottles were refilled with low end products.

Morrell has denied the allegations and says that he invites a Kosher oversight board to come and inspect.

{WCBS 880 AM/ Newscenter}


  1. The whole story does’nt seem to add up. First off was this caterer given a hashgocho by some kashrus organization – if yes the buck stops with them. For one if indeed there was a hashgocho given there should have been a mashgiach on site any time that kitchen is operational not to mention that the organization itself should have been more involved in the day to day running of the caterer’s operation. And if there was no hashgocho given to this caterer how can anyone in their right mind eat at one of these functions. How could you trust someone who at best does not seem very erlich and assume all is ok. This story is very troubling.

  2. I believe he is a “glatt”kosher caterer- where was the mashgiach in all of this???? Should the Mashgiach be responsible as well??

  3. all to often DISGRUNTLE employees make these accusations before jumping the gun lets have OUR rabbi’s investigate the person and organization certifying this organization and get to the bottom
    also check if these two people arent setting up there own business morrel has a fine reputation

  4. I was a mashgiach for him many years ago at Woodbury. He never cut corners and the kashrus was pretty impressive. He charged a fortune per plate and so he had little incentive to cheat. With the economy as it is today could be things changed. I doubt it.

  5. It is incumbent upon each and every individual to personally verify the kashrus in the place you are about to eat.

    If you rely on a mashgiach or a teuda it’s your own fault.

  6. Apparently, there was not hechsher nor hashgacha. The caterer was working out of 2 Reform places and one Conservative place. They don’t necessarily do Kashrut like we do.


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